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How Often Should I Bathe My Cat? What You Need To Know

As pet mother and father, we already know that cats are fairly clear creatures. They’re always cleansing and grooming themselves. Due to this, many cat homeowners don’t notice that their feline companions must be bathed every now and then. It’s really useful that you simply bathe your cat as soon as each 6 weeks, however that is determined by just a few components.

Normally, a cat should solely be bathed sometimes and in response to the circumstances. Nonetheless, some breeds must be bathed extra typically than others. So, how do you inform how typically to wash your cat? Which breed of cat must be bathed greater than others? We’ll focus on that and extra under, so keep tuned.

Ought to You Actually Bathe Your Cat?

Your cat is superb at cleansing itself and has no drawback maintaining with its personal private hygiene. Giving your cat a shower each six weeks is simply to assist them with their grooming. This protects their pores and skin and fur and retains oils from build up on the cat’s pores and skin.

Circumstances The place Your Cat May Want a Bathtub

Though it’s really useful that cats get a shower each 4 to six weeks, some circumstances may warrant giving them baths extra typically.

Older Cats

If a cat is simply too previous to wash itself successfully, you may want to provide it a shower extra typically than normal. Additionally, some cats which might be obese or overweight have a tough time reaching their backs, and different areas, so that you’ll want to wash them typically as properly.

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Hairless Breeds

In contrast to most breeds, hairless cats want weekly baths. As a result of the oil on their pores and skin can construct up and block pores, you should bathe them ceaselessly and use wipes to wash the oil buildup.

Unhealthy Cats

In fact, cats which might be sick will must be bathed frequently, as they may not have the energy or the need to groom themselves like they often would. In case your cat is predominately an out of doors cat, you may discover a host of conditions the place you should additionally bathe them. Out of doors cats can develop soiled coats in the event that they roll round within the filth and choose up particles.

Longhaired Cats

Lastly, longhaired cats groom themselves however might need extra of an issue holding tangles out of their fur, they usually may additionally want common baths.

Which Cats Solely Want Occasional Baths?

Wholesome short-haired cats with single coats, just like the Russian Blue, often don’t require a lot bathing. They don’t shed as typically, and most won’t want a shower greater than three or 4 instances a yr. You may get by, usually, simply spot-cleaning the cat with a moist material when grooming it.

With single-coated cats, you possibly can reserve the tub instances for once they genuinely want them, akin to once they get into one thing just like the mud or come residence filthy.

russian blue cat getting a bath
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Bathtub Aftercare for Your Cat

When you’ve bathed your cat, there are just a few different grooming requirements you may wish to go forward and carry out whereas your cat is permitting you to. We’ll listing just a few of these duties under.

  • Brushing: Normally as soon as per week for short-haired cats, as a lot as as soon as a day for long-haired cats
  • Ear cleansing: Each time you bathe the cat, test its ears for indicators of mites or infections. Use a cat-safe resolution to wash its ears gently.
  • Nail filing: If you hear your cat’s nails clicking on a hardwood or linoleum flooring, it’s time to trim them. Sometimes, you’ll have to trim your pet’s nails as soon as a month. Out of doors kitties might not want their nails lower as typically since they grind them down extra whereas enjoying outdoors.

It’s additionally important to guard your self while you bathe your cat. As you’ve in all probability guessed, most breeds usually are not keen on water and may go on the defensive while you’re making an attempt to wash them. A cat that’s scared will claw, scratch, and chunk its method out of the scenario, which may very well be unhealthy for you.

It’s finest to put on lengthy sleeves and lengthy pants when bathing your cat. You also needs to put on thick gloves to cease the cat from scratching your arms and palms.

Last Ideas

Most cats don’t like being bathed, however they do want it sometimes. It’s really useful to wash cats each 4 to six weeks to maintain them properly groomed and clear. Some breeds with single coats must be bathed solely when obligatory. Nonetheless, hairless cats, just like the Sphynx, want weekly baths.

Should you really feel which you could’t deal with bathing your cat or grooming them, otherwise you don’t have the time, it’s finest to take the cat to a groomer who can simply get the job finished for you. Should you determine to wash and groom your cat your self, shield your self earlier than the tub begins for the most effective outcomes. The very last thing you need is scratches, bites, and an sad cat in your palms when tub time is finished.

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