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How Much Do Bearded Dragons Cost at PetSmart in 2023? Complete Guide

Bearded Dragons are a part of the reptile household and are the preferred reptile pet within the US. These uncommon exotics are cold-blooded and used to a really heat (actually, desert) local weather, so that they want loads of heat and a dry setting to thrive.

However how a lot does it value to get one among these fascinating lizards? What do you want to purchase to allow them to thrive in your care? Can you buy Bearded Dragons at PetSmart? Learn on to search out out the solutions to those questions and extra.

The Significance of Value and Availability analysis

There are various thrilling issues to contemplate when accumulating your new pet. The joy of seeing them for the primary time, dealing with them and bonding with them, and getting them prepared for his or her new house is an unimaginable expertise.

Checking the costs and the provision of your Bearded Dragon at your native PetSmart is essential. The frustration of touring to gather your pet and being unable to deliver them dwelling resulting from lack of funds or even when they’re not in inventory is crushing.

On the PetSmart web site, there’s a characteristic that permits you to test the provision of all of the Bearded Dragons they’ve out there on the market at your native retailer.

The supply of Bearded Dragons can change with location. We searched the inventory of Bearded Dragons within the Florida space, and the Jacksonville PetSmart solely had a couple of of the Very Crimson Bearded Dragons left. On the similar time, the identical sort was completely unavailable in shops within the Murrieta, California space.

How A lot Does a Bearded Dragon Value at PetSmart?

There’s a couple of sort of Bearded Dragon available for purchase at PetSmart, in addition to a lot of equipment, substrates, and meals your new reptile will want.

Breaking it down into classes, the costs for a Bearded Dragon at PetSmart are as follows:

Bearded Dragon

There are three several types of Bearded Dragons at the moment offered at PetSmart. They promote common Bearded Dragons, Fancy Bearded Dragons, and Very Crimson Bearded Dragons.

The principle distinction between these animals is their coloring, as they’re all the identical species. The Fancy Bearded Dragon has brighter colours than the common variety, all brown, with accents of extra good oranges.

The Fancy Bearded Dragons are a lot brighter, with extra orange and pink coloration than their plain counterparts. The Very Crimson Bearded Dragons take this idea to the intense, with their main colour being a vivid pink. This coloration outcomes from selective breeding (as said by the PetSmart web site).

Kind of Bearded Dragon Value at PetSmart
Bearded Dragon $54.99
Fancy Bearded Dragon $59.99
Very Crimson Bearded Dragon $79.99

Regardless of having completely different costs, all these Bearded Dragons are the identical species, with the one differentiation being colour.

baby bearded dragons
Picture courtesy of Shutterstock

Extra Prices to Anticipate

The Terrarium Your Bearded Dragon Will Reside In

Relying on the dimensions you want to purchase, the terrarium you buy in your Bearded Dragon will vary from $150–$400+ at PetSmart. That is true for mid-range, typical terrariums that present sufficient area and are effectively made with out being “premium” or overly giant.

An instance can be the Thrive Light-weight EcoFlex Composite Terrarium, which is 46″ (the minimal required area) and is retailed on PetSmart on-line for $359.99.

The Substrate and Bedding Wanted

Bearded Dragons want sure supplies to mattress in and reside on high of, to maintain them comfy and permit them to exhibit pure behaviors, like digging. As well as, this supplies enrichment alternatives, as Bearded Dragons will instinctively burrow below the earth within the wild after they get too sizzling or need to cover from predators.

A number of forms of substrate can be found, all of that are priced in a different way.

Substrates akin to Calcium Sand, Coconut Soil, or Fur Tree Bark are all acceptable substrates.

The Lights and Warmth Your Bearded Dragon Wants

Bearded Dragons, like all reptiles, are cold-blooded, that means they’ll’t regulate their physique temperature and depend on exterior warmth sources to maintain them heat.

Bearded Dragons can also’t produce vitamin D and use UVB lighting of their habitats to create it when in captivity.

Basking spot lamps present your Bearded Dragon a spot to get heat and are between $10–$20 per bulb. Nevertheless, UV mild kits are typically extra acceptable as they’ll present UV-B rays, such because the Arcadia Reptile Professional T5 UV-B Package, which prices $74.99.

A warmth and humidity gauge can guarantee the proper temperature and humidity are maintained in your Bearded Dragon. There are self-install fashions out there from PetSmart, just like the Zoo Med Reptile Terrarium Thermometer Humidity Gauge, which is $9.89.

Make sure that your Bearded Dragon can get away from the warmth sources if wanted, offering shaded spots in your Dragon to chill down. Additionally, maintain any bulbs effectively away from climbing branches to stop burns.

Meals For Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are omnivores and needs to be fed (as soon as mature) as soon as a day. They’ve different diets, consisting of assorted meals sorts akin to greens, flowers, and bugs.

There are dry meals mixes out there, however Bearded Dragons want particular quantities of nutritional vitamins and minerals to remain wholesome.

Offering bugs akin to mealworms, crickets, wax, silkworms (as a deal with, they’re very fatty), and grasshoppers will assist to supply these nutritional vitamins.

Reside meals additionally supplies enrichment alternatives, permitting your Bearded Dragon to exhibit pure searching conduct. Ideally, your Bearded Dragon could have a weight-reduction plan wealthy in plant matter, with solely round 20% of its weight-reduction plan being insect protein.

As a information, the mealworms out there to buy for Your Bearded Dragon at PetSmart are within the $2–$3 vary, akin to Fluker’s Connoisseur Type Mealworms, $2.99. For added vitamin, you should purchase industrial flower mixes, akin to Fluker’s Flower Meals Topper, for $6.99.

Nutritional vitamins akin to calcium dietary supplements are very important for bearded dragons and most reptiles, as they’ll get very sick when poor. Dietary supplements might be given to reside meals and, in flip, fed to the dragons or might be provided immediately, akin to by way of Fluker’s Phosphate Free Calcium With Vitamin D3 for $3.49.

top view of a Dunner Bearded Dragon
Picture courtesy of Shutterstock

How Many Bearded Dragons Ought to I Purchase?

Bearded Dragons are solitary animals and, as such, needs to be ideally stored alone. Whereas they are often housed collectively, they’ll want a big enclosure to present them private area since they’re very territorial and will battle.

Does Pet Insurance coverage Cowl Bearded Dragons?

Some pet insurance coverage firms cowl Bearded Dragons; nevertheless, it may be troublesome to search out quotes. The corporate we discovered was Nationwide, and so they don’t supply on-line quotes for unique pets, however they point out on their web site that the typical value for protection for a reptile is $8.


The worth for Bearded Dragons at PetSmart is fastened for all areas, however simply shopping for a brand new reptile buddy isn’t with out extra prices. The full worth of your bearded Dragon can run into the tons of as a result of want for a terrarium, substrate, and meals, in addition to probably being extra if you’d like a elaborate variant of the Dragon.

Featured Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

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