Can hamsters eat arugula? | How much arugula is safe?

Arugula is a sort of leafy inexperienced veggies which might be filled with vitamin c, vitamin b, and vitamin ok, that are important vitamins for all warm-blooded lifeforms. We all know that hamsters eat greens primarily, however is it okay to provide hamsters arugula?

Hamsters can eat arugula, and this leafy vegetable supplies hamsters with useful vitamins to help bone well being, white blood cells, a hamster’s muscle tissues, and correct oxidation of pink blood cells. An excessive amount of arugula may cause digestive points in hamsters, so solely use arugula for infrequent treats.

When hamsters eat arugula, they’re getting a balanced food plan excessive in useful vitamins. However there are some necessary particulars to pay attention to. On this information, we’re going to inform you the whole lot that you must find out about arugula and its security as a meals supply or deal with to your hamster.

What leafy greens can hamsters eat?

Leafy greens, and leafy greens as an entire, supply hamsters a wholesome meals selection that incorporates a number of wholesome antioxidants and important nutritional vitamins and minerals.

A leafy vegetable will help decrease the danger of coronary heart issues and enhance the functioning of virtually each organ within the physique, and this consists of hamsters as nicely.

So let’s discover a few of the leafy greens that hamsters can eat.


When hamsters eat child arugula, arugula seeds, or an everyday arugula leaf, this may be detrimental to a dwarf hamsters’ moisture wants, as a result of excessive water content material. In case you at the moment do not need a dwarf hamster, this isn’t as pronounced.

When hamsters eat arugula, their blood cells, each white and pink, obtain essentially the most profit since arugula encourages improved circulation and oxidation of a hamster’s circulatory and respiratory techniques.

However an excessive amount of arugula could make a hamster sick on account of doable bloating from the surplus water.


Spinach is among the hottest meals for feeding hamsters. This leafy inexperienced is filled with a number of nutritional vitamins and minerals and doesn’t appear to trigger bloat and digestive upset in hamsters.

Spinach is a cornerstone of any hamster’s food plan due to its vitamin C content material, so you possibly can feed your hamster as a lot as you want granted you keep away from overfeeding your hamster.


The lettuce household which incorporates, common, iceberg, and romaine lettuce, is filled with vitamins for hamsters, but in addition comes with quite a lot of water.

To keep away from abdomen ache in your hamster, feed them small portions of lettuce at a time.

Bok Choy

Like arugula seeds and leaves, Bok choy can be crammed with vitamin Okay. Bok choy is a spicy tasting leafy inexperienced that additionally comes with a reasonably excessive degree of moisture content material.

Though Bok choy is actually useful, it additionally ought to solely be given to your hamster in very tiny parts.


Watercress is an aquatic leafy vegetable that comes from the identical species of vegetation as cabbage. Watercress is filled with vitamin C, however as its title implies, it is usually filled with moisture as nicely.

To maintain your hamster wholesome, it’s suggested to not feed them too many greens which have excessive water content material.


Like arugula and Bok choy, kale can be filled with vitamin Okay. Any vegetable with vitamin Okay that hamsters eat has well being advantages for a hamster physique, however moderation is necessary since these leafy greens are virtually at all times filled with water as nicely.


Broccoli is a leafy inexperienced, although we generally don’t affiliate it as such. Broccoli is a wholesome snack for child hamsters and an grownup hamster, however solely in small portions.

Broccoli additionally has very excessive fiber content material, and this could additional irritate your hamster’s well being. To search out out extra about the advantages of including broccoli to your hamsters food plan, take a look at our weblog ‘Can hamsters eat broccoli?‘.

Collard Greens

Collard greens, like the opposite veggies on this record, are nice for hamsters in smaller portions. Collard greens are a well-liked hamster meals since they make for a wholesome deal with primarily based on their gentle taste and nutrient content material.

Like the opposite greens talked about, it’s best to solely feed your hamster collard greens as a deal with since this vegetable may trigger abdomen upset and bloat.

How a lot is a secure quantity of arugula to feed a hamster?

How a lot arugula to provide your hamster relies on the actual kind of hamster you personal.

For dwarf hamsters, overfeeding arugula isn’t beneficial. When dwarf hamsters eat arugula, the peppery style and water content material of the vegetable can result in digestive issues akin to bloat.

On this occasion, solely put a small quantity of arugula or dried arugula within the hamster cage. Alternatively, it’s also possible to feed arugula seeds to a dwarf hamster to try to higher keep away from these issues from occurring.

For Syrian hamsters and different forms of hamsters, solely enable these hamsters arugula concerning the dimension of 1 / 4. It doesn’t take a lot. Alternatively, to try to cut back the water content material that may trigger bloat, you possibly can feed dried arugula to those hamsters.

For little hamsters, and positively child hamsters, arugula isn’t beneficial as a result of severity of abdomen upset that may be prompted. Smaller hamsters have smaller stomachs that may fill way more rapidly versus an grownup hamster.

Feeding arugula to a child hamster- be it an everyday arugula leaf, dried arugula, arugula stems, or seeds- ought to be utterly averted. Give them tiny carrot slices as a substitute.

Why does arugula trigger bloating in hamsters?

When hamsters eat arugula leaf, the first considerations associated to this vegetable are digestive tract points.

Bloat is a situation that arises when extra water or fiber has stalled within the abdomen and thus the digestive tract of a hamster.

For the reason that arugula takes a very long time to interrupt down as a result of water and fiber content material, which creates extra gasoline, this could trigger abdomen swelling and discomfort in a hamster.

Moreover, the fiber content material in arugula may cause a rise in diarrhea since fiber cleanses the small and huge intestines in hamsters. The fiber may trigger a rise within the passage of feces.

This in flip can result in dehydration for the reason that moisture content material of the arugula isn’t sufficient to switch the electrolytes being misplaced in extreme diarrhea.



So, is it okay for hamsters to eat arugula? Sure, hamsters can actually eat arugula and it supplies many dietary advantages for the rodents.

With this in thoughts, you will need to keep in mind that arugula ought to solely be fed to hamsters carefully to keep away from abdomen and digestive points together with bloat or diarrhoea.

When unsure, go together with arugula seeds as a hamster snack on account of their dimension.

Don’t know whether or not you’re below feeding or over feeding your hamster? Learn our article:

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