What You Need to Know About the Price of a German Shepherd in India??

One of the favorite dog breeds in India by far is German Shepherds which are best acknowledged for their loyalty, intelligence and versatility. If you need one for a family pet, to work or even as a show dog, GSDs make great dogs. The cost of buying and keeping a German Shepherd in India, however, depends on various factors. Here we have shared the factors that affect German Shepherds price in India, and a complete guide you need to buy one.

Cultivators for price of German Shepherd in India

Reputable Breeder and Location

The reputation & location of the breeder/ Any prominent reason so many people like you want a German Shepherd Price in India Sitesh Parekh Breeders who are considered ethical breed have high standards of breeding, perform health tests and take proper care for their dogs usually has higher prices. These breeders spend hours,-time and money on the quality health of their puppies. Also breeders in a big city or high cost area may charge more for the puppies as compared to those less expensive areas.

Pedigree and Lineage

Lineage, Certifications and PedigreeMaterial has a lot to do with the price of your German Shepherd. Expect to pay even more for a pup from champion bloodlines (parents and grandparents that are conformation, obedience or working title holders). These puppies tend to display the preferred attributes of good tempernament or intelligence and physical conformance. Very often people looking to buy a German Shepherd as either show or breeding stock are most interested in what kind of line / pedigree the dog can boast, and will be ready to pay much more for this.

Age and Training

The age of the German Shepherd: This is also another thing that influences price. Puppies, as a rule, have higher prices compared to adult dogs; this is due primarily because puppies are the most requested by those who search for a dog already prepared and socialized since nymphs. However, there are exceptions to this in that breeders and trainers will occasionally have older puppies or young adults (long-coat dogs) available who have already been through basic obedience training and some more advanced training like running lead on a bicycle, SAR type work etc. These specially trained dogs are more expensive because of the added time and work along with their training.

Coat Color and Type

The German Shepherd in India has an array of coat colors and types to include, black/tan sable brick larger than 28 cm or also a white held in any pattern. The classic black and tan coat color is the most traditional, but certain coat colors like all-black or all-white can be less common so costlier. Further, long-hair German Shepherds are less common than their short hair counterparts and may therefore also bear a higher price point for their distinctive look (as well as harder maintenance).

Health and Vaccination

A good breeder will have their German Shepherd puppies for sale already cleaned up and his vaccinations but be wary because many breeders may not bother, again this is why it really pays to do your homework. If the puppies have health certificates, vaccination records and microchipping they tend to cost more. All those health measures offer the buyer a peace of mind that their new puppy has had proper medical care and is less likely to develop future problems.

Medium Price Range of German Shepherd in India

Pet Quality German Shepherds

The pet quality German Shepherds, that are best suited for family and individuals looking for a companion dog available within the range of INR 15,000 to INR 40,000. While they may not be from old champion lines, or follow requirements of a show standard, however these dogs while cared for and trained properly can make wonderful pets.

Show Quality German Shepherds

Top-class German Shepherds or those bred to the breed standard can easily cost in a range of INR 40,000-1,00,000 and even more. These dogs are often bred by a very responsible breeder with experience breeding champions and the dog should do well in conformation.

Working Line German Shepherds

German Shepherds generally breed for the work like Police, Protection or Search and Rescue cost INR 30,000 to INR 1.5Lakh Descended from hearty working dogs with great intelligence and physical prowess. There is also the possibility that they are additionally trained, which would raise their cost.

Additional Costs to Consider

Initial Setup and Supplies

Having a German Shepherd in India in your home is not just about the cost of buying one. You won’t be able to do so if you have not even invested in vital supplies like a crate, bed, food and water bowls, grooming tools or toys. You can start from INR 5,000 and go up to an amount of INR 15,000 for initially setting up all odds based on which quality items or how much particular you prefer.

Veterinary Care

German Shepherds must be properly taken care of and so you also need to provide him with regular veterinarian attention. This encompasses immunization, deworming, flea and tick treatment, as well as regular check-ups. 2,500 – 15,000 yearly clinics and services for vet CPF] Moreover, you need to set aside some money for emergency medical bills etc and we all know how much that can cost.

Food and Nutrition

This large, working breed needs a high-sustained diet to stay healthy and active. The Brand, Size and Type of food you will buy for your German Shepherd also intermittently cost a fair share. If you have a dog at your home then your monthly cost for the diet will vary from INR 2000 to around INR 5000. Special dietary needs or sub premium dog food brands can increase this cost.

Training and Socialization

The rearing of a well-behaved German Shepherd in India requires adequate training and socialization. Whereas the basic obedience classes can cost you anywhere between INR 2000 – 5000, advanced training or specialized courses like protection etc. could come at a higher price tag. Professional training is an appropriate investment to guarantee the development of a German Shepherd as you please them, when it comes to their attitude and demeanor.

Grooming and Maintenance

They have a thick double coat that needs to be brushed regularly in order to stay clean and healthy. While you may groom your dog at home, professional grooming services might be needed for proper brushing, bathing and nail clipping. Grooming rates can range from INR 500 till the lavish amount of around 2000 per session, depending upon the services being offered and number how many times you get your pet groomed.


While owning a German Shepherd in India is certainly an enriching experience, you need to prepare yourself financially! Owning a German Shepherd is not inexpensive – from the cost of the initial purchase to food, veterinary care, training and grooming expenses over their lifetime. With this information on what determines the cost of a German Shepherd, comes saving for extra pocket expenses and being well-equipped to give your precious furry friend another home. No matter if you decide to go for a pet or show quality German ShepherdOr a working line, your bond with him will make some years of life joyful and full.

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