Human Foods that You Can Give Your Rabbit

You recognize that rabbits have particular dietary wants to remain wholesome. Whereas hay ought to make up nearly all of your bunny’s eating regimen, recent meals may also be helpful in your pet’s well being. It may be tempting to attempt to share a few of your individual meals along with your rabbit, particularly in the event that they’re inquisitive about what’s in your plate. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to know which human meals are protected for rabbits to eat, and which of them might be dangerous.

Greens are one of the best human meals to provide your pet rabbit, particularly recent uncooked greens like kale, herbs, and spring greens. Candy greens like carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, and broccoli may also be given sometimes (however not on a regular basis), as can some candy fruits. It’s necessary to notice that recent meals ought to solely be given sparsely and will by no means change hay in a rabbit’s eating regimen.

Nonetheless, not all human meals are protected for rabbits to eat. Some meals could cause digestive issues and even be poisonous to your pet. For instance, iceberg lettuce, avocado, fruit pits or pips, and rhubarb are all harmful for rabbits to eat. Be taught extra about which meals to keep away from by testing my different article on dangerous meals for rabbits.

Keep in mind, at all times introduce any new meals slowly to observe how your rabbit reacts, and give attention to selection to offer a spread of vitamins.

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1. Salad greens

Salad greens are most likely one of the best sort of human meals to provide to your rabbit (there’s a purpose it’s jokingly known as rabbit meals). Whilst you actually don’t need to overdo it and provides your rabbit limitless salad greens, they’re general fairly wholesome for rabbits to have and a advisable a part of their each day eating regimen. Usually, it’s okay to provide your rabbit as much as 1-2 cups of salad greens per day.

The choices are fairly large right here too. Nearly any salad combine you discover within the grocery retailer is okay to provide your rabbit. I normally want to seek out some form of ‘spring combine’ salad, since these are inclined to have essentially the most dietary selections of greens for rabbits.

In case you’re on the lookout for particular salad greens, romaine lettuce, leafy lettuces, arugula, and kale are typically my rabbit’s favorites. You possibly can try a full listing of salad greens which might be protected for rabbits.

The one which it’s value mentioning to keep away from is iceberg lettuce. One of these lettuce shouldn’t be nutritionally helpful in your bunny, and it has the potential to result in digestive points over time.

2. Cuttings from greens

It’s additionally nice to provide rabbits the components of human meals that you’d in any other case throw out. Once you’re chopping veggies in your meal, don’t toss all of the trimmings simply but! Your bunny may recognize a nibble on these nutritious cuttings. 

All the time keep in mind moderation is vital. Your bunny’s foremost eating regimen ought to nonetheless be hay, however these greens can present selection.

Right here’s a fast listing of concepts for veggie cuttings which might be protected in your bunny:

  • Carrot tops
  • Strawberry leaves
  • Broccoli stems and leaves
  • Celery leaves
  • Cucumber ends
  • Herb stems (reminiscent of parsley and cilantro)

*Keep away from any stems and leaves from tomatoes and potatoes and any form of pips or pits.

Lastly, identical to when cooking for your self, wash all cuttings nicely to take away pesticides or contaminants. And watch your bunny’s response to new meals—introduce them slowly and be conscious of any modifications in digestion or habits.

rabbit staring at delicious berries
Rabbits love candy fruit, like raspberries and strawberries. Don’t give them an excessive amount of although, since that would upset their delicate stomachs.

3. Contemporary and dried fruits

In the case of treating your bunny, recent fruits are an important choice. Most rabbits have a reasonably severe candy tooth, and so they’ll go loopy for any form of fruit they’ll get their mouth on.

Nonetheless, it’s important to serve fruit sparsely because of their excessive sugar content material. Consider recent fruits as little treats and never a significant a part of their eating regimen. The best quantity in your rabbit will depend upon their measurement and the way hardy their digestion is, however these are some fundamental guidelines of thumb for fruit treats for rabbits per day:

  • 1 medium slice of apple
  • 1  medium strawberry 
  • 2-3 blueberries
  • 1-2 raspberries
  • 1-2 slices of banana
  • 1-2 grapes

Dried fruits are additionally okay to provide to rabbits, however they’re extra concentrated in sugar, so you must be further cautious with the portion measurement. In case you resolve to supply dried fruit, maintain it to the equal recent fruit portion. As an example, if 2 grapes are the max recent serving, then 2 raisins could be the max dried serving. All the time make sure that the dried fruit is freed from added sugars or preservatives.

Some fruits that your bunny may get pleasure from embrace:

  • Apple (seeds eliminated)
  • Blueberries
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Bell pepper

You can too supply mashed fruit, reminiscent of unsweetened applesauce, to your rabbit. 

4. Herbs (dried herbs too)

Your bunny can profit from a wide range of herbs, whether or not recent or dried. Herbs are among the best methods to complement your bunny’s eating regimen with further taste and vitamins. In case you use herbs with your individual meals prep, you may take away the leafy bits to prepare dinner with and provides the stems to your rabbits. Considered one of my rabbits even prefers the stems!

Secure herbs for bunnies embrace:

Herbs that comprise flowers needs to be given solely as treats, for the reason that flowers are inclined to have extra energy and fewer fiber.

Take into account dried herb blends for rabbits too! Dried herbs are a handy choice because you don’t have to fret about them spoiling in your fridge or how rapidly they’ll develop again within the pot. Dried herbs can even simply be blended with hay to entice your furry buddy to eat extra of the high fiber hay whereas they’re trying to find the yummy herbs. 

Chances are you’ll need to try Small Pet Choose herb blends, that are tailor-made for small pets and add selection to their eating regimen. My rabbits favorites are at the moment the Vit-a-licious mix and the Zen Tranquility mix. (You should utilize code BUNNYLADY to get 15% off of your first order)

5. Unsweetened fruit juices

When trying to deal with your bunny with a drink aside from water, unsweetened fruit juices are an choice, however keep in mind, solely in small quantities since these are fairly excessive in sugar already (solely a few bottle cap full). It’s finest to serve the juice diluted too. Purpose for about 4 components water to 1 half juice when providing it as a deal with. 

Bunnies have delicate digestive techniques, so whereas this can be a cute deal with to provide your rabbit, it’s essential to maintain it to a minimal and don’t go for something with added sugars or synthetic sweeteners. And naturally, persist with non-alcoholic choices solely, as alcohol is dangerous to rabbits.

A word on pineapple juice: There’s a widespread concept that pineapple juice may help breakdown hairballs in a rabbit’s abdomen and is sweet to provide rabbits when they’re having minor digestive points. That is largely a delusion and pineapple juice ought to solely be given as an occasional deal with and never for medicinal functions.

6. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of many few sorts of seeds which might be okay for rabbits to eat (in small quantities, after all). I’ve had a number of rabbits up to now who went loopy for sunflower seeds every time we’d give them some as treats.

Black oil sunflower seeds, particularly, comprise increased ranges of nutritional vitamins and vitamins that may be helpful to rabbits. Nonetheless, it’s additionally necessary to notice that sunflower seeds are, in essence, excessive in fats and low in fiber. You need to be very cautious to not overfeed these to your rabbit as it may well in a short time result in weight achieve and weight problems.

Normally, seeds have a better fats content material than is typical of a pure rabbit eating regimen. Whereas these specific sorts of seeds are protected for rabbits to eat sometimes, they shouldn’t be given to rabbits day by day.

Different sorts of seeds which might be protected for rabbits to have as occasional treats embrace:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Flax
  • Watermelon seeds
  • Pine nuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Safflower seeds
  • Squash seeds


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