Why Does My Dog Keep Getting Ear Infections? Our Vet Explains

Ear infections may be extremely irritating for canine homeowners, particularly in the event that they appear to be a recurring downside. You might need seen your canine excessively scratching their ears, shaking their head and even detected an uncommon odor. These may all be indicators of an ear an infection. However why does the one that you love pet preserve getting them?

It may be troublesome to find out the foundation trigger of those infections, and with out correct therapy, they’ll result in extra severe well being points. On this article, our vet explains a number of the the reason why canine could also be liable to ear infections and what you are able to do to forestall them.

Dog Ear Infections
Canine Ear Infections


One of the vital vital elements that may improve a canine’s likelihood of growing ear infections is their breed. Canines with floppy ears, equivalent to Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, and Golden Retrievers, usually tend to have ear issues than breeds with erect ears like German Shepherds and Boxers.

Floppy ears make it simpler for moisture, grime, and particles to build up, offering the right setting for micro organism and yeast to develop. Whilst you could not have the ability to do something about your canine’s anatomy, you possibly can assist forestall grime from accumulating by usually cleansing your canine’s ears; cleansing 1-2 instances per week can go a great distance in stopping extreme wax build-up.

In case your canine has exceptionally bushy ears then you possibly can fastidiously trim a number of the fur round their ear openings, this might help forestall grime from turning into trapped and permit extra airflow to your canine’s ears, serving to to maintain them dry.

Allergy symptoms

One other issue that may affect ear infections in canine is allergy symptoms. Similar to people, canine can develop allergy symptoms to quite a lot of issues, together with meals, pollen, and even fleas. Allergy symptoms could cause irritation and itching, resulting in scratches and cuts within the ear canal, which may create a pathway for micro organism to enter. For those who discover your canine regularly scratching their ears or shaking their head, they might have an allergy-related ear an infection.

There’s loads of pure dwelling treatments out there for treating canine allergy symptoms but when these don’t assist then converse together with your veterinarian about allergy testing and acceptable therapy.

Swimming and Moisture

Canines like to swim, however sadly this exercise can result in ear issues. The water can create a breeding floor for micro organism and yeast; when a canine’s ear will get moist, it creates a perfect setting for organisms to develop, inflicting infections.

In case your canine is an everyday swimmer, contemplate a swim cap or cleansing their ears after every swim. Moreover, should you reside in a moist setting or your canine regularly bathes, remember to dry their ears totally afterward to forestall the buildup of moisture.

Dog Ear Infections

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene can considerably contribute to ear infections in canine. Canines’ ears are deep and might simply entice grime, particles, and moisture, which may create a breeding floor for micro organism and yeast if not usually cleaned. That is very true for breeds with lengthy, floppy ears that may forestall correct air flow, trapping warmth and moisture. Extreme wax build-up also can result in infections if not correctly managed.

Usually checking your canine’s ears for indicators of redness, swelling, dangerous odor, or uncommon discharge might help catch potential infections early. Moreover, routine, mild cleansing with vet-approved merchandise can preserve ear hygiene and considerably cut back the chance of infections. All the time seek the advice of together with your vet for the very best strategies and merchandise to make use of to your particular breed of canine.


In conclusion, ear infections in canine are a typical however preventable problem. Whether or not it’s as a result of swimming, poor hygiene, or the bodily construction of your canine’s ears, understanding the causes of those infections is step one in the direction of prevention.

Common checks and cleansing, drying their ears after swimming, and sustaining general good hygiene can considerably cut back the chance of ear infections.

For those who discover indicators of an an infection equivalent to extreme scratching, head shaking, redness, swelling, or an uncommon odor, it’s essential to hunt veterinary care promptly. Early detection and therapy can forestall issues and guarantee your furry pal stays snug and wholesome.

Bear in mind, each canine is exclusive, and what works greatest for one may not work for an additional. All the time seek the advice of together with your vet for steering tailor-made to your canine’s particular wants. Let’s preserve these tails wagging and people ears infection-free!


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