How To Pick Up a Syrian Hamster For The First Time

The Syrian hamster, often known as the golden hamster, is a charming small rodent cherished for its charismatic antics and distinctive nocturnal habits. Though diminutive in dimension, these creatures are brimming with persona.

They impart by means of a collection of high-pitched sounds and physique language. That is vital when making an attempt to choose up a hamster. This information will reply the query of learn how to choose up a Syrian hamster for the primary time.

Through the evening, they’re extremely energetic; darting round, burrowing, and endlessly operating on train wheels. Solitary by nature, Syrian hamsters are usually territorial and do finest when housed alone.

Whereas sometimes amiable with people, it’s important to deal with Syrian hamsters gently and repeatedly to foster belief. Nonetheless, the method of gaining your pet’s belief is usually a lengthy one.


Caring For Syrian Hamsters

After you convey your hamster residence, it’s important that you simply depart them alone within the cage for the primary week to permit your pet to settle. Throughout this time, your Syrian hamster will discover the enclosure, depart their scent for territorial markings, and really feel protected.

After every week, you can begin the taming course of which begins with selecting up your hamster for the primary.


Earlier than you achieve this, just be sure you have all the pieces you want. These things will assist making certain that your hamster received’t chew you or chew you however your protected and on the similar time, you’re incomes their belief.

  • thick gloves – backyard gloves or oven mitten works
  • some treats – dried mealworm, lab blocks, or cooked egg
  • a large espresso mug
  • be in a closed area – a bath or a playpen works nice
  • timer – begin with 5 minutes of dealing with for one week and enhance to a different 3 minutes each week
  • lock your different pets in one other room for security
  • Lower the treats in small bites to keep away from giving an excessive amount of to your hamster


4 images - a syrian hamster hanging on a finger, a syrian hamster sleeping on a palm, a syrian hamster held on a hand with flowers around it, a syrian hamster crawling on an open palm - How To Pick Up a Syrian Hamster For The First Time

Choosing up a Syrian hamster for the primary time requires endurance and a delicate contact. Enable the hamster to get accustomed to your scent by first putting your hand inside its cage with out touching it.

Step by step, provide treats out of your hand to construct belief. When it appears comfy, gently scoop it up with each arms, supporting its physique and hind legs. Preserve actions gradual and voices gentle to keep away from startling the little creature. Bear in mind, this preliminary interplay is crucial in establishing a basis for a optimistic and long-lasting bond along with your new furry pal.

As soon as all the pieces is prepared, it’s time to attempt to choose up your hamster for the primary time. Right here’s what to do:

  1. Be sure your hamster is already awake. Don’t try and get up your hamster.
  2. Supply a deal with to your pet to get them near the door so will probably be simple to choose them up.
  3. Put on the gloves and open the door or the entry level.
  4. Supply one other deal with.
  5. Lure your hamster inside a espresso mug, you could put a deal with inside.
  6. As soon as the hamster is inside, cowl the highest of the mug along with your arms to cease your hamster from leaping.
  7. Sit on the bathtub tub, playpen, or a secured flooring.
  8. Place the mug on the ground or your stomach space.
  9. Lure your hamster to come back out of the mug by providing a deal with.
  10. Attempt to stroke your hamster and provide a dry combine or a deal with and see if they are going to chew.
  11. If you wish to discuss to your hamster, communicate in a low and gentle voice, just like the way you’d discuss to a child.
  12. Do that for five minutes with a rise of time each week.
  13. Give a deal with if you convey again the hamster to their enclosure.
  14. When you discover that your hamster not attempt to chew you or present aggression, it’s time to attempt to choose up your Syrian hamster with out gloves.
  15. In case your hamster did chew you, don’t panic or attempt to whisk them away.
  16. As a substitute, seize the gloves and put your hamster again within the closure, don’t give treats in order that they realize it’s not acceptable behaviour.

We even have an article on learn how to maintain a hamster for the primary time if you happen to want extra data.


Choosing up a Syrian hamster for the primary time is a fragile and memorable expertise. Earlier than making an attempt this, it’s essential to permit the hamster to acclimate to its new setting and your presence.

Start by putting your hand within the cage with out making sudden actions, and permit the hamster to strategy and sniff it. Step by step, you may strive providing treats to construct belief. While you really feel the hamster is comfy, gently scoop it up utilizing each arms, supporting its physique and hind legs.

Maintain it near your physique or over its enclosure to minimise the danger of harm from an unintended fall. Converse softly and transfer slowly to maintain the hamster calm. Bear in mind, endurance and delicate dealing with are key to creating a bond along with your Syrian hamster, turning the primary interplay into the muse of a trusting and pleasant companionship.

I hope that I’m in a position to information you on learn how to choose up a Syrina hamster for the primary time. What was your first time expertise with this? Do you will have different ideas or strategies? Let me know within the remark part beneath!


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