Rajapalayam Puppies: Loyalty and Love in Every Paw


Rajapalayam puppies are mostly recognised for their loyalty . Every dog is loyal for their family members and owner but these dogs are most lovable dogs in india . Rajapalayam dogs origin was found in india only . Their name Rajapalayam was given because they was city named Rajapalayam in virudhunagar, tamil nadu .

Now let us know about the characteristics of Rajapalayam dogs

Rajapalayam dogs very found in earlier 18 th century in tamil nadu in the town name Rajapalayam that’s why there name was as same as this town name this dogs were used in royal family in earlier time they make them as thier pet . These dogs were also used for guarding because of there braveness and loyalty they were let as a guard .

Rajapalayam Dogs: The Loyal Guardians of Tamil Nadu

The appearance of these Rajapalayam dogs is like in such a way that it has height of 25 to 30 inch and weight of the Rajapalayam dogs is 30 to 45 kgs .  These dogs are mainly found in tamil nadu because their origin is in tamil nadu  so they are mostly found there but as they are good dogs or we can say a good choice to keep it as guard then this is the best choice for those people who want them .

These dogs are very loyal they are known for the loyalty and they are very intelligent and sharp minded dogs they didn’t need much efforts for training they just need to be taught and they learn it very easily . Rajapalayam dogs have good temperament they are not aggressive unless they find anything evil .

The Admirable Traits of Rajapalayam Dogs

It is the habit of every dog whenever it’s something wrong they always give some signs to their owner that something is wrong these dogs are known for this quality they are so adorable at the same side and they are royal dogs because since from when they were found they lived a royal lifestyle because some royal family in tamil nadu adopted them and kept them as a guard .

Rajapalayam dogs are very fit and heighted they don’t have much hair on their body they are full white in colour they were called by different names but they are different from other dogs

They have a different personality

These dogs are very protective to their owners and they born loyal to their family members they make very personal connection with you which make you feel better and better every day these dogs are very descent in nature they are very close to their owner they are protective fir their owner at the same time they need attention from their owner.

They give unconditional love, care, protection from evil strangers. They are known for their protectiveness these dogs are very fond of their close ones they cannot live the one who they love unconditionally that’s their best quality which attracts the people or dog lovers they are the best choice for those who love these kind of dogs .

Their eye color may differ like green , brown etc ..

Most of the Rajapalayam dogs have pink nose they have golden eyes . Mostly they appear like this . But otherwise they are cute , confident intelligent and smart they are .

Care and Maintenance of Rajapalayam Dogs: Ensuring a Healthy and Fulfilling Life

Rajapalayam dogs lifespan is till 15 years you need to take of them you have to provide healthy food to them so that their lifestyle may not get disturb you have to take the inciative for this .  Like every dogs these also need the care for in their life you have to provide them helathy dog food and give them daily exercise like every dog loves to play and that also includes the exercise so this is what is needed for dogs .

Workout , proper dog food , healthy lifestyle will lead to healthy life for these dogs . And other than that play with them they are very active and they have special qualities like their intelligency , loyalness , protectiveness these are the main qualities for which they are known . They are now famous all over the world in india mostly as they were first found in india only so mostly tamil nadu people adopt these dogs and so on .

The Unwavering Loyalty and Love of Dogs

These dogs are very descent they are very cute full of love they all need is just their owners love and in return they give the loyalty till the end of their life they protect as a bodyguard and they give unconditionally love to their owner they are so lovable dogs because they love their owner and they very truthful for them which makes them more fond of the family they have lots of emotions in their heart for their family and owner which they show by giving support everytime .

Dogs may not able to speak and express but their behaviour always makes us feel their feelings that’s ehats the difference is between humans and animal they don’t need to express it their behaviour shows it all and dogs are the sweetest animal on earth the beautiful creation of God in these fake world they are the only one who shows the loyalty and unconditional love to their close ones .

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