Belgian Malinois Puppies: Devoted Guardians and Playmates


Belgian malinois puppies are very high standard living dogs they are the best choice for the dog lovers and they are very intelligent . These dogs are mostly available in military and in law type of jobs . They are best choice for detecting or finding things in military services usually dogs are used for finding evil things as they have ability to track or to find things by smell  so they are most oftenly in military services.

Belgian malinois are  devoted gurdians and playmates they love to play with their owner and children they are also apartment friendly dogs  they can fit to any family or any house they are very engaging pets they don’t hesitate to involve with any family . They are very much adorable and cute otherwise their personality looks like they are somehow dangerous but not much although they are used in military services but still if you keep them as your pet they will be the most loving pets and a new family member in your house .

Now let’s go into the history of these dogs ,

The Belgian malinois puppies origin was in malines they were first found there in the Belgium , that’s why there name addressed as Belgian malinois . They are very cute dogs , these dogs have many qualities which make them most demanding dogs all over the world every dog lover want them as a pet they are in demand among people . These dogs are very smart and ofcourse intelligent .

Belgian malinois puppies are very loyal dogs although all dogs are very loyal to their owner or wherever and with whoever they live they make a different connect with them they are very adorable and beautiful Puppies anyone can fall in love with them they are having amazing energy they are very active pets they love to play with children’s and even they are friendly with dogs and animals.

At the same time they have a some how a little anger issues but not everytime they are calm they have good temperament it is obvious that they will bark on the strange things as their mind is very sharp . They are very hardworking dogs that is the reason they are used in military services they have a different kind of intelligency they are most wanting dogs among eveyone because they work very hard they are easy to train they love to learn new things they catche very easily whatever they are taught .

Height of these Belgian malinois puppies is in following ways :

  • Female Belgian malinois puppy height =  22 to 24 inch .
  • Male Belgian malinois puppy height= 24 to 26 inch .
  • Weight of the Belgian malinois puppy is in following ways :
  • Weight of the female Belgian malinois puppy : 40 to 60 kg .
  • Weight of the male Belgian malinois puppy : 60 to 80 kgs .

These Belgian malinois puppies need proper grooming, exercise and workout everyday generally they have a lifespan till 16 years . And to give them a healthy life then you have to give them the proper diet and exercise. If they follow the proper diet then only they will stay healthy. You have to take care of these dogs.

Belgian Malinois: Devoted Companions Seeking Affection and Attention

Belgian malinois puppies have very special quality that they are very fond of their family and they give them alot of love and care , emotional support everything they are the most loyal puppy for their family they give their all efforts to have fun and make everyone happy by their presence they have a very calm and playful type nature which makes them more attractive .

Belgian malinois are very engaging dogs they love to play and have fun with their closeones but at the same time you need to give them proper attention because they attention seeker and they want that their loved one should give them a proper attention to them and for that they crave for you otherwise it can cause issues for them because that may cause destruct in their mind  which is not good for them .

Dogs are the only animals which can easily take your attention towards them. They are the easiest animal which loves yiu more than you love them. All you need to do if you have to give them alot of care , attention and unconditional love which only makes their heart fell for you . And that’s it for them in this world there is no effort for animals to make them yours as much we do for humans dogs never need that much .


Belgian malinois puppies are very decent puppies who have all those qualities to make them as your family members: their smartness , intelligence , hard work, and loyalty towards their family . They are very protective dogs. They will protect and alert you anyway wherever it seems something is wrong for them .

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