4 Reasons Why Is My Hamster Running In Circles + Treatments

Operating in circles has been seen in hamsters for so long as domestication has began. There are lots of causes a hamster will run in circles, some are fairly regular, and others could be extra critical.

On this article, I’ll reply the query “why is my hamster operating in circles”. You’ll study the explanations and when you must be involved or see a vet. However earlier than that, we must always first speak about how is your hamster operating in a circle to seek out out if it’s critical or not.

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4 photos of hamster - 1 with yellow background, 1 with white background, 1 wit wall blocks, 1 on the grass - Why Is My Hamster Running In Circles

Hamsters transfer lots and like to run. I perceive that some folks particularly first-time hamster house owners get nervous when their hamsters begin doing one thing odd.

This contains issues like why is your hamster biting you or why is your hamster chewing the bar of its cage.

Hamsters are additionally full of additional power since they eat lots. A domesticated hamster that lives in a small cage often has an excessive amount of further power with out sufficient area and toys to take it out on. Consequently, a hamster will tempo out, run to and from, and run across the cage to get themselves drained.

Operating across the block

In case your hamster is operating across the cage, similar to operating from the sleeping space to the meals space, to the sandbath, and to the toy space, then again. This could appear to be whenever you go for a run across the block.

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Pacing round

If a hamster is operating extra like pacing round. For instance, your hamster will run towards the water bottle after which run again to its authentic spot. Or the hamster will stroll in the direction of one thing after which run again.

One factor I might examine it to is when some persons are on the cellphone and so they begin pacing round or how folks at airports or bus stations or hospitals tempo round.

Operating in an ideal circle

An ideal circle is principally when a hamster runs in a single movement as if it’s attempting to catch its behind. This can be a extra significant issue that undoubtedly requires assist from professionals There’s a handful of causes for this to occur; ear an infection or a neurological drawback. Regardless, you must contact the vet as quickly as doable.


Now which you could have some concepts about why your hamster is operating in circles, let’s talk about what causes these and what house treatments you possibly can apply – most significantly when to hunt skilled assist.


When your hamster is pacing round – it might be in a quick movement or a bit slower – that is often an indication of stress. Maybe you modified the bedding just lately or moved issues across the cage.

A tiny cage can also be an enormous reason for stress for a hamster. One other reason for stress on hamsters is when there are usually not sufficient chew toys to trim down their tooth into. When a hamster hasn’t been outdoors the cage additionally results in stress.

What you are able to do

Ensure you home your pet in a giant and spacious cage with plenty of toys. The ground measurement of the cage ought to at the very least be 450 sq or 100x50x50 cm (39x20x20 inches unbroken and greater if in case you have a Syrian hamster (120x70x70 cm (47×27.5×27.5 in)).

There must be loads of chew toys on your hamster since their tooth develop repeatedly. round 3-4 chew toys are nice. Not solely does this make your hamster pleased but additionally retains them busy and it’s a method to channel out their stress.

It is strongly recommended that your hamster spend at the very least 10-minutes out of the cage every day (no more than 20-minutes until you already tamed them and there’s belief constructed. You’ll be able to construct a pleasant playpen on your hamster to spend whereas out of the cage. You don’t have to put bedding, merely add some toys and mazes.

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An excessive amount of power

Though you present an enormous cage on your hamster, it’s not at all times sufficient. In comparison with their pure dwelling quarters (the wilderness), the quantity of area merely can’t be replicated.

To make sure that your hamster can burn its further power, you should add loads of toys and amusement similar to a operating wheel, making a tunnel system, and including secure climbing platforms.

DISCLAIMER: We’re NOT veterinarians. Please contact a licensed skilled for medical help on your pet hamster

Ear An infection

An an infection often stems from filthy bedding and sand. The dust and micro organism constructed on them enter your hamster’s ear. When hamsters eat is contaminated it causes stress leading to your hamster being off-balance and more than likely to expertise ache.

For this example, a hamster will want an antibiotic nonetheless, it should be prescribed and administered by a vet to get the right quantity. The vet will advise if you happen to might give your hamster an antibiotic as a continued remedy.

An untreated ear an infection can result in extra critical well being issues. One, your hamster can be susceptible to falling and clearly can be in ache. Second, this an infection might additionally trigger mind harm and could be life-threatening.

To keep away from ear infections, be certain that to freeze the bedding and the sand tub earlier than utilizing them. On this manner, you possibly can kill any bugs which are dwelling on them.

You must also change your hamster’s sand each different day or as typically as wanted. Whereas for the bedding, spot cleansing (eradicating poop pile) must be achieved 1-2 instances every week. And deep cleansing of the cage (altering most components of the bedding) must be achieved as soon as each 5 or 6 weeks (doing this too typically can stress your pet).

Neurological Drawback

Neurological points in hamsters are sometimes attributable to unethical breeding. Hamsters from pet shops or hamster mills are extra uncovered to this well being drawback. It’s because the breeders don’t think about the organic relationship between hamsters earlier than breeding them collectively.

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Not solely “operating in circles” is frequent in hamsters with neurological dysfunction. Stargazing is one other frequent one. It’s when a hamster stares upwards with out stopping which leads to them falling on their backs. A hamster will then rise up and do it over and over.

Seizure is one other standard symptom a hamster with neurological points suffers from. Which is able to then result in epilepsy.

You have to assist from a vet to correctly diagnose in case your hamster is affected by this dysfunction. Sadly, there are usually not many issues you are able to do in case your hamster is identified with this. Some folks will put their hamsters all the way down to ease them from any ache and struggling.

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Hamsters are territorial, solitary, and like to be unbiased. However that doesn’t imply they don’t want your assist. Hamsters are additionally not nice at asking on your consideration or assist, nonetheless, they rely closely on you to note if one thing is flawed.

A hamster operating in circles doesn’t at all times result in a significant issue, particularly if the difficulty is addressed as quickly as doable earlier than it will get worse.

I hope that you simply discovered the reply to “why is my hamster operating in circles” on this article. If in case you have different expertise with a purpose a hamster experiences this however I failed to say it, depart us a remark beneath.


Hamsters running in circles may indicate stress or boredom, especially if the behavior is repetitive. Providing a larger cage, more enrichment, and proper care can help prevent this behavior. via @thehamstercareblog

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