Why do hamsters eat their newborn babies?

Within the wider animal kingdom, cannibalization just isn’t as taboo or unusual as it’s for us people! For some new child hamsters, this course of is a pure order of occasions if a number of infants are born to a complete litter. However why precisely do hamsters eat their new child infants?

A mom hamster could eat new child hamsters because of emotions of hysteria or worry that motherhood is an excessive amount of to bear or harmful in a chaotic atmosphere. A mom hamsters pure instincts, in addition to emotions of intense starvation or odd scents on a hamster child, may cause cannibalization.

We had been fortunate in that Oscar was a boy – with two daughters and a feminine canine we would have liked to attempt to steadiness the genders a bit extra in our family! This meant that we didn’t have to fret about hamster cycles, being pregnant or beginning!

In case you are a feminine hamster proprietor, nonetheless, and your pet has lately given beginning, then you must look out for specific indicators that might consequence on this disturbing habits. As a result of though it’s an alarming phenomenon, it is very important perceive.

On this information, we’re going to clarify why a feminine hamster could really feel the necessity to eat its infants. We will even discover some methods in which you’ll be able to assist forestall this follow.

Do mom hamsters cannibalize?

Hamsters are undeniably cute pets that spend their days burning off vitality of their cages and nibbling on all kinds of treats. Whereas these traits are a serious draw to proudly owning one in all these cuddly creatures, hamsters can show some evolutionary traits like all animal that goes past the stereotypes we design for sure pets.

Nature just isn’t the type and comforting phenomenon we at all times affiliate it with being. The actual fact is that life, even for animals, is an extremely hectic and extremely aggressive expertise.

Even when a mothering hamster is supplied with greater than sufficient meals, she should still eat her new child infants for different causes.

So, this isn’t a matter of a feminine being odd and cannibalizing her younger for no purpose by any means. That sort of habits is usually seen in males. There are quite a few totally different explanation why this happens.

How do I cease my mom hamster from consuming her infants?

We now have mentioned a number of explanation why hamsters eat their infants. However how are you going to cease this habits?

It’s all about guaranteeing that the mom hamster has a stress-free giant cage. Separate her from male hamsters to maintain issues calm whereas she cares for her litter. This may additionally maintain the males from probably consuming the infants as effectively.

Be sure that her cage at all times has contemporary and ample quantities of water, and that she is fed often with treats close by. If she is well-fed, and her stress ranges are down, you might be unlikely to have to fret about her consuming her younger.

What causes feminine hamsters to eat their very own offspring?

Let’s discover a number of the important causes this occurs.

Stress and Anxiousness

Hamsters are a sort of animal that’s naturally vulnerable to stress and nervousness. Hamsters eat their infants for all kinds of causes, however just like post-natal melancholy in people, a mom hamster can simply start to really feel overwhelmed at her new position, and will eat her personal infants to scale back the stress she feels in regards to the litter.

Since giving beginning is a monumental and draining expertise for hamsters in addition to any mom, the stress and nervousness in regards to the future and having the ability to correctly look after a child hamster pack can grow to be an excessive amount of.

Lack of Meals

Though much less frequent, there may be the likelihood that lack of ample meals could possibly be a purpose why mom hamsters eat their infants.

At all times guarantee a hamster mother is fed a balanced weight loss program throughout being pregnant and persistently after giving beginning.

This can give her the power to deal with the wants of the whole litter, and all of the infants won’t drain her of vitality. Having sufficient meals and contemporary water can forestall hamsters from cannibalizing a brand new litter.

To seek out out the finest pre purchased hamster meals to feed your hamster, try our informative weblog.

Odd Smells and Totally different Scent

One more reason hamsters eat their infants is expounded to odors on infants that trigger confusion for the mom. To forestall a mom consuming her personal younger, attempt to keep away from touching the infants or permitting different pets to the touch or lick the newborn hamsters.

Odd scents are one in all many causes hamsters eat their infants that has nothing to do with the stress or worry a mom hamster could also be experiencing. She needs her younger to have her scent, and her scent solely.

Sense of Hazard

If a mom hamster senses hazard close to her new infants, an intuition can kick in that causes her to assume that devouring her infants is healthier than permitting them to be killed or eaten by different predators.

This habits may be seen in different examples of animal cannibalism as effectively. Be certain that the nesting materials is enclosed in a quiet atmosphere the place loud noises, pets, and different issues a hamster would register as hazard usually are not close to.

Lack of Sufficient Care

Though this will appear merciless to us, a nursing hamster mother could really feel that she can’t correctly care for therefore many infants. If the litter is giant, a nursing hamster could need to scale back a number of the infants to supply extra meals for the quantity of younger she feels she will adequately care for.

She feels that it’s higher to danger sacrificing a number of of her younger than to danger probably inflicting hunger for the whole littler.

That is another excuse why it’s essential to make sure a feminine has a big provide of variable meals and water close to her always. If she is correctly fed and hydrated, she will create the milk wanted to look after a big littler of infants.

This may additionally assist her keep wholesome so she will care for different relations.

Cage Motion

Similar to with puppies and kittens, we typically can’t comprise ourselves with regards to the new child offspring of our favourite pets.

With this in thoughts, you must keep away from touching or shifting a hamster cage as a lot as potential throughout the first few weeks after a feminine offers beginning.

That is necessary as a result of it ensures that the mom doesn’t must surprise if the infants have been touched or ultimately harmed by different animals, and even by us.

She needs her younger to be coated in her scent and doesn’t need to scent different animals or individuals on her infants since this could confuse her and make her really feel as if the infants have been compromised ultimately.

So it’s best to make sure the cage just isn’t disturbed, and by no means, ever contact the infants till they’ve grown previous the new child stage of growth.



In abstract, hamster eats their infants for a wide range of totally different causes. All the explanations are utterly pure and align with a mom’s pure instincts for shielding the bulk by sacrificing a number of.

You possibly can assist cease this habits by at all times guaranteeing the mom has loads of meals and water, by not touching the infants, and by guaranteeing the cage is protected and left undisturbed.

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