[2023] Hamster Wet Tail: symptoms, treatment, survival rate

Hamsters are susceptible to some diseases. Most of them usually are not deadly and may be capable to deal with at house. Nevertheless, hamsters may be onerous to take care of when sick resulting from a brief mood, that is while you need assistance from skilled vets.

When illness is left untreated, this might result in very critical conditions and might even be lethal. A hamster moist tail is an an infection from micro organism and sometimes leaves a hamster very weak. This illness is just not simple to deal with and often requires consideration from a vet.

A moist tail is without doubt one of the commonest diseases a hamster may expertise at the very least as soon as of their lifetime. On this article, we’ll speak about hamster moist tail. What are the explanations for moist tail, what signs of a moist tail, the way to deal with it, and when it’s time to see a vet?


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A moist tail is when the rear finish of a hamster together with the tail is continually moist. It is usually known as proliferative ileitis or regional enteritis. It’s known as a moist tail as a result of the discharge that comes from the anus retains the hamster’s tail moist.

It’s a extreme sickness that may be deadly to hamsters. Moist tail’s signs are fairly just like diarrhoea making it more durable to establish. That is the explanation it’s important to contact an unique vet immediately as a substitute of guessing in case your hamster is sick from a moist tail or moist diarrhoea.

What causes moist tail in hamsters

The reason for a moist tail in hamsters has all the time been unclear because it may very well be triggered for a lot of causes. The most typical is when there’s an overgrowth of micro organism within the hamster’s intestines. It’s a very critical well being subject and have to be handled immediately.

A change in weight loss plan, consumption of water-based greens, consuming an excessive amount of, and ingesting meals or objects {that a} hamster shouldn’t be consuming may be one of many the reason why a hamster expertise a moist tail.

A sudden change of surroundings may set off a moist tail, comparable to bringing the hamster from the pet retailer to your personal house and their cage. In the event you change the cage setting too usually may trigger a moist tail. Stress is without doubt one of the frequent causes a hamster will endure from a moist tail, though it has by no means been confirmed, any hamster house owners consider this.

Filthy sand baths and bedding may additionally contribute to hamsters growing a moist tail.

Signs of moist tail in hamsters

A moist tail is usually known as diarrhoea as properly. It’s because the runny discharge that retains the tail moist is often yellow in color and really smelly-like poop. When a hamster stays quite a bit within the sandbath, this may very well be a giant signal that your hamster is experiencing a moist tail.

It’s because when a hamster is affected by a moist tail, that they had the urge to pee and poop on a regular basis. Often, the sand tub solely must be modified to new one 2-3 instances per week. When a hamster is met with a moist tail, you’ll discover that the sand may be very moist and smelly in only a few hours after altering it.

A hamster may additionally have misplaced urge for food and act extra torpid. It should spend quite a lot of time sleeping and never wanting to come back out of the cage besides to go to the sandbox.

DISCLAIMER: We aren’t veterinarians. Please contact an unique vet to assist your hamster with any well being points.


In the event you suspect that your hamster has a moist tail, the primary to do is to watch their behaviour and do a bodily. Verify in case your hamster has a yellowish discharge and funky odor on its rear finish. See how usually it goes to the sandbath and if the sand will get soiled too quick. Keep in mind to put on medical gloves when holding your hamster.

If so however your hamster continues to be shifting and appearing advantageous, the very first thing to do is to maneuver the sand tub close to the hideout to assist your hamster transfer. Subsequent, contact an unique vet immediately and ensure to get an appointment inside 24 hours. In case your hamster is already exhibiting indicators of weak point, it’s important to convey it to the vet as quickly as doable.

Relying in your vet, they could ship your hamster house immediately or determine to maintain it in a single day. The vet has to offer the right treatment, which you can’t do due to how important it’s that the right dosage is given.

If the contaminated hamster lives with its siblings (assuming they’re all youthful than 6 weeks therefore the sharing of the cage), ensure to separate all of them from each other. A hamster moist tail is very contagious and have to be stopped from spreading to different hamsters.


Hamster moist tail has a 90% mortality charge. Inside simply 2-3 days, a hamster may die from a moist tail if left untreated. This is the reason it’s essential to contact a vet immediately. We all the time advocate our readers to have at the very least 2 unique vets of their contact checklist in case the opposite one is busy or can not see you immediately.

Sadly, there aren’t any house treatments for a moist tail, however the vet provides you with tips about the way to forestall your hamster from affected by moist tail once more. Additionally, you will get


It’s comprehensible that many hamster house owners get confused between diarrhoea and hamster moist tail. It’s onerous to know the distinction. Probably the most easy technique to inform in case your hamster has diarrhoea or a moist tail lies on the discharge.

In diarrhoea, there’s usually a stable poop that comes within the discharge. It may be mild or darkish in color and produces an terrible odor. A hamster’s moist tail is all liquid, usually mild in color however very smelly.

Nevertheless, do not forget that the distinction is difficult to inform. Diarrhoea may nonetheless produce liquid-like discharge, and also you gained’t be capable to distinguish the 2. One of the best factor to do is assume the worst and speak to the vet. It’s greatest to arrange for the more serious and get assist from an expert.


A hamster’s moist tail is a deadly well being subject. It requires quick motion and a spotlight from unique vets to manage antibiotics that you simply can not get over-the-counter and can’t measure the correct quantity. In the event you suspect your hamster has a moist tail, contact the vet instantly as a substitute of second-guessing. Your fast response and motion may very well be the saving determination to your pet hamster’s life.

I hope that you simply discovered this text on hamster moist tail useful. Please do not forget that we aren’t vets.


Wet tail in hamsters is a serious condition characterized by diarrhea and lethargy, often caused by stress or bacteria. It's critical to seek veterinary care promptly as it can be life-threatening. via @thehamstercareblog

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