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Black (Melanistic) Bengal Cat – Pictures, Info, and History

If you happen to’ve ever wished to personal a panther, the black Bengal cat provides you that choice. With black spots on a black background, it isn’t noticeable at first look that their fur isn’t fully black. This lovely cat is uncommon and might value greater than different shade variations.

Bengals are curious, playful felines with wild spirits that may be arduous to handle, and first-time cat house owners usually would possibly battle to tame them. Like their Asian Leopard cat ancestors, the black Bengal cat loves water and enjoys nothing greater than enjoying within the bathtub with their favourite human.

The Earliest Data of Black Bengal Cat in Historical past

The Bengal cat’s origin is attributed to a California-based breeder, Jean Mill. In 1963, she crossed a Home Shorthair with a wild cat species, the Asian Leopard. This makes the Bengal cat a comparatively new breed.

Asian Leopard cats are wild felines from Asia which can be the dimensions of a home cat, and lots of the Bengal cat’s traits could be attributed again to them. Bengals love water, and so they have energetic natures and distinctive spots.

Till the Seventies, Bengal cats had been referred to as Safari Cats when their identify was modified to mirror the Asian Leopard cat’s scientific identify, “Prionailurus bengalensis.”

How Black Bengal Cat Gained Recognition

It’s estimated that lower than 10 % of all Bengal cats are black, which makes them significantly uncommon. When one thing is uncommon, individuals are keen to pay extra for it, and black Bengals can go from $2,000 to $4,000.

Over time, Bengal cats have been coveted due to their resemblance to wildcats. It’s rumored {that a} lady in London paid $50,000 for her Bengal cat, which earned it the “Rolls Royce of cats” nickname.

Breeding a black Bengal cat is difficult as a result of the coloring depends on recessive genes. Which means kittens should inherit two copies of the gene, one from every father or mother. Discovering a breeder who breeds black Bengal cats is troublesome as a result of black will not be an official shade, so many avoid it. Those that do might have ready lists as a result of there may be such a excessive demand for his or her kittens.

Formal Recognition of Black Bengal Cat

In 1986, Bengals had been accepted as an official breed by The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA.) Nevertheless, charcoal is the closest TICA-accepted shade, which could be noticed or marbled. Black or melanistic Bengals are an unofficial shade.

Prime 4 Distinctive Info About Black Bengal Cat

  • Bengal Cats Bark – Bengal cats don’t meow like your typical cat; they make a a lot raspier sound that sounds extra like a bark.
  • They Aren’t Dainty – Bengal cats are muscular and athletically constructed. Typically, they will weigh 8–15 kilos.
  • Mini-Panther – A black Bengal cat is extra like a panther in different methods in addition to its shade. They’re expert and avid hunters and revel in consuming fish, so maintain your pet goldfish out of hurt’s method!
  • They Are Tremendous Good – Bengal cats are extremely sensible and like to be taught new methods. They will even be skilled to stroll alongside their house owners on a leash. Nevertheless, Bengals don’t have the identical power of their necks as a canine, and it’s most secure to make use of a harness. You may get a harness or strolling jacket made particularly to your cat’s distinctive construct.

Does Black Bengal Cat Make a Good Pet?

Bengal cats are packed filled with persona. They’re lively, assured, curious, and athletic, and so they aren’t for the faint-hearted pet father or mother. They have to be each mentally and bodily stimulated. They’re very social cats and benefit from the firm of their households. Additionally they take to each other with kids and canine which can be cat-friendly.

They thrive on constant interplay, and if you’re going to be out of the home constantly, spend money on toys and video games. Think about bringing a second kitty into your own home since Bengal cats love having a companion to play with. If you happen to fail to provide your Bengal sufficient consideration or an outlet for all their power, they are going to discover (and destroy) your belongings for leisure.


Black Bengal cats are like miniature panthers in additional methods than one. They aren’t your typical lap cat who will wish to curl up on the couch day by day. They take pleasure in looking, enjoying, and getting moist! They’re an adventurer at coronary heart and could be difficult for a first-time cat father or mother to deal with. Nevertheless, so long as you’re keen to spend time with them and have interaction with their wants, you can be fantastic as a result of what your Bengal loves most is spending time with its favourite people!

Featured Picture Credit score: Heidi Bollich, Shutterstock

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