How to hold a Syrian hamster | Step-by-step guide

Hamster possession is usually a very rewarding expertise. These cute, enjoyable, and inquisitive animals make for excellent pets because of their cuddly and interesting personalities and conduct. However in relation to holding a hamster appropriately, there are some vital issues to remember. So how finest are you able to maintain Syrian hamsters?

When holding a Syrian hamster, it can be crucial that you’ve clear fingers which might be odor free. Method your hamster slowly, in order that you don’t startle them, earlier than permitting them to hop onto your hand or gently scoop them up. Grabbing your Syrian hamster isn’t advisable as they’ve small, fragile bones.

Earlier than you maintain your hamster, you will need to get your hamster used to their new environment. Permit your hamster ample quantities of time in its hamster’s cage and this ought to be positioned in a quiet area. After a couple of days, permit your hamster to smell you after which steadily enhance interplay extra.

Are you a brand new hamster proprietor? You’re proper in pondering that these animals are a bit delicate and require light holding and dealing with. On this information, we’ll let you know precisely tips on how to go about holding Syrian hamsters getting them used to you and their environment. Learn on to search out out extra.

Do hamsters like being held?

Though you might not need to hear this, hamsters often don’t prefer to be held. However this isn’t one thing they’re fully adversarial too. It simply takes a while, persistence, and familiarity on your hamster to return round to being held. In truth Oscar used to like being picked up, and would typically faucet at his cage to ask to be scooped up.

Within the early days and as much as every week of possession, your hamster might be naturally stressed resulting from their new setting. Individuals are a lot bigger than these delicate rodents, and it’s simple for hamsters to concern folks till they’re used to a standard routine. As soon as your hamster begins to strategy you, it is a signal issues are shifting in the precise course.

Your hamster could leap excessively or run and conceal on the alternative aspect of the cage when you strategy it. That is fully regular and never a trigger for concern.

Moreover, hamsters are nocturnal rodents, and this typically conflicts with how we dwell our lives in comparison with theirs. Many individuals work together with and try to carry their hamsters in the course of the day, which is when the rodents prefer to sleep. This may trigger additional stress and irritability.

Along with interacting together with your hamster within the night hours, it is usually vital to permit the rodent to turn out to be used to its environment.

Is it nice to carry your hamster?

Granted that you simply gently place your fingers round a hamster, and preserve holding instances to an absolute minimal, the rodents might be nice with holding.

It is very important wash your fingers beforehand, particularly when you have different family pets, and to carry them as in case you are holding a fragile object.

It is very important practice your pet earlier than you try to carry your hamster. When you let your hamster get used to your look, presence, and voice, their nerves will begin to turn out to be eased which is able to permit for extra interplay.

So what steps must you take to coach your hamster for holding?

Step-by-step to holding your hamster

Listed here are some vital steps to take to start the method of holding your hamster shut:

  1. Wash fingers. As talked about above, you will need to use unscented cleaning soap and to scrub your fingers completely earlier than touching your hamster. Hamster depend on their sense of odor, so when you have cats or canine, the rodent will instantly discover these smells, and this can alarm them. Additionally, scented soaps or different international smells will seemingly do the identical when hamster sniff alarms go off. A cat is a pure predator of those rodents, so make sure to take away the cat odor out of your fingers and likewise preserve your cat distant.
  2. Slowly strategy your hamster visibly. As you strategy the cage, your hamster might be scared and certain begin leaping. Shifting slowly permits the pet to gauge in case your strategy is threatening or simply a part of the pure routine. Shifting quick, speaking loudly, or being far too enthusiastic will acerbate your pet because of the scary motion. Your pet will really feel snug in case you stroll slowly.
  3. Be light. Being light is vital for a couple of completely different causes once you begin holding your pet hamster. Like all pets, gently being pet or held is preferable and can calm their nerves. This exhibits the hamster that you’re not a risk. Moreover, hamsters have a tiny and delicate physique, so in case you seize them, you can scare them or worse, harm their inner organs or bones. Have a deal with or some regular hamster meals close by to additional put them comfortable.

Other than this, it’s best to permit a hamster to sit down within the palm of your hand or climb throughout your lap. Attempt to keep away from enclosing your fingers round your pet hamster as this could additionally startle them.

Moreover, you too can use treats to encourage consuming out of your hand in case your pet is within the temper for meals. In spite of everything, meals is all the time an awesome motivator, and even higher, a tasty hamster deal with.

Finally, with these steps in thoughts, the animal will turn out to be accustomed to seeing you, and will even start to crawl into the palm of your hand!

What if my hamster bites me?

Even in case you are affected person and observe all of those steps, there’s nonetheless the chance your hamster will turn out to be scared sufficient that it could chunk you. That is frequent for almost all pets as they alter to their new life, however hamsters are only a bit extra nervous-natured.

A hamster chunk is totally regular in some ways as a result of these rodents could be labeled as east prey when within the wild. So that is all a part of your pet adjusting to its new environment till it might probably safely really feel as in case you are not a risk.

It’s best to instantly deal with the chunk and apply a bandage to the chunk mark if it wants it. Deal with the wound with a disinfectant simply to be secure.

To forestall your pet hamster from biting you, you simply have to attend patiently on your pet to really feel comfortable being out of its cage. This may be bothersome to many, for the reason that total level of getting hamsters is to carry and play with them. However in contrast to canine and cats, you can not simply leap proper into it.

One extra step you possibly can take is by sitting on the ground and making a small strolling zone for the rodent. This can interact your pet’s thoughts and permit them to go looking and odor the realm exterior of their cage as effectively.

In case you can wait patiently and may permit your hamster a while exterior of its cage to go looking the ground and odor the remainder of the home, biting will ultimately taper off.

For extra detailed info on tips on how to practice your hamster to not chunk, simply out our weblog!



In abstract, a Syrian number of hamster wants time to turn out to be accustomed to their new environment.

The extra you acclimate your presence across the rodent, the simpler it’s going to turn out to be in getting them to permit being held. You may all the time search additional veterinary recommendation or learn our information on tips on how to tame a hamster for extra ideas and methods.

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