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Savannah Cat: Breed Info, Facts, Care & Pictures

The Savannah cat is a extremely popular breed that’s greatest identified for its hanging unique options and for behaving extra like a canine than a cat. It is a hybrid breed between the Serval, an African wild cat, and the domesticated cat and people unique roots depart many questioning if these cats truly make good pets.

Regardless of their wild ancestry, the Savannah cat has the potential to make a superb pet, however they aren’t going to be your typical housecat. For these which might be ready to fulfill the wants of those athletic, clever, high-energy cats, bringing one into the household can lead to a loving, lifelong bond.

The Savannah Cat – At a Look

Peak: 14 – 17 inches
Weight: 12–25 kilos
Lifespan: 12 – 20 years
Colours: Brown Noticed Tabby, Silver Noticed Tabby, Black, Smoke
Appropriate for: Households, people
Temperament: Energetic, playful, affectionate, daring, energetic

Temperament & Intelligence of the Savannah Cat

The Savannah cat is also known as being extra dog-like than cat-like. They’re extremely smart, inquisitive, and constant. They’re additionally far more social than your common home cat and are very dedicated to their human companions.

Savannahs will thrive on human interplay and are well-known for displaying affection and even greeting their house owners on the door after they arrive residence. These cats are a bit needier than most cats as a result of they require a number of psychological stimulation, train, and extra social interplay when in comparison with different cats.

Savannah cat
Picture Credit score: Lindasj22, Shutterstock

Are These Cats Good for Households?

Savannah cats have the potential to be glorious household pets. They usually do very effectively with youngsters, particularly when raised with them from a younger age. We do suggest warning round babies as a result of these cats are fairly energetic and rambunctious, which may result in little ones being knocked over.

Whereas there are many different cat breeds which might be very social and nice with households, Savannahs are particularly outgoing and interactive. They’ll love nothing greater than having fun with some good old style playtime with the entire household. Remember that every cat is a person and may have their very own character traits which might be distinctive to them.

Do They Get Together with Different Pets?

Not solely are Savannah cats usually nice with youngsters, but in addition with different pets. Since they’re so social, they’ll do greatest having one other animal within the residence, particularly if their people spend vital quantities of day out of the home.

They’ll usually do effectively with different cats and even canines. They might even be extra suitable with the pet canine, offering it’s effectively socialized with cats, due to their intense playfulness. You could even discover this cat breed having the ability to exhaust and outlast the canine throughout playtime.

As with every pet, it’s extremely beneficial that they be well-socialized from kittenhood and uncovered to a wide range of folks, pets, and conditions. They’re nonetheless cats with a pure prey drive, so you should use excessive warning round small, caged pets like birds, rodents, or reptiles.

Issues to Know Earlier than Bringing Residence a Savannah Cat:

Meals & Food regimen Necessities 🐡

All cats are obligate carnivores, that means they get all of their dietary wants immediately from meat. They’re avid hunters that naturally eat entire prey within the wild, so their eating regimen is supposed to be excessive in protein with reasonable quantities of fats, and minimal carbohydrates.

Savannah cats must be supplied with a high-quality eating regimen that greatest mimics their pure dietary wants. Despite the fact that they’re hybrids, they don’t have any particular dietary necessities until in any other case suggested by their veterinarian for particular well being wants. They need to be fed high-quality cat meals that’s excessive in protein to fulfill their vitality wants. You must also search for meals that accommodates the correct quantity of fats and has minimal carbohydrates.

There are various kinds of cat meals in the marketplace together with dry kibble, canned moist meals, and recent meals varieties. Cats get the vast majority of their hydration by their prey within the wild and complement by ingesting recent water. No matter whether or not you feed a cat meals wealthy in moisture or not, they need to at all times have entry to recent, clear water.

Train 🐈

Savannah cats are extraordinarily energetic and can want ample quantities of train every day. They’ll most actually train themselves, however they can even get pleasure from taking part in with their house owners. These cats are extremely athletic and may bounce as much as 8 toes excessive from a standing place. It’s a good suggestion to offer them with a number of vertical house throughout the residence as a result of they’ll get pleasure from leaping up onto varied surfaces.

Savannah cats must be supplied loads of toys to allow them to burn their vitality and get some much-needed psychological stimulation. Make certain to present them selection and embody interactive toys, puzzle toys, and toys that may fulfill their pure looking instincts.

If correctly skilled, Savannah cats may even be taught to stroll on a leash and harness, which is one other good way for them to get in some bodily exercise and permit them to discover life outdoors the house. These fascinated with bringing this breed into the household must be ready to put aside time for his or her cat’s want for play and social interplay.

savannah cat on leash lying on green grass
Picture Credit score: Jarry, Shutterstock

Coaching 🧶

As a result of this breed is so extremely clever, they’re usually very trainable. The truth is, Savannahs get their dog-like popularity for being really easy to coach. They are often taught easy methods and instructions and have even been identified to play fetch.

As talked about above, many house owners select to coach them to be walked with a harness and leash to allow them to go for adventures outdoors the house. It’s necessary to have a harness made particularly for his or her physique kind to make sure their security. They’re constructed otherwise than canines and can naturally be extra fragile on a leash.

Coaching classes must be restricted to about 15 to twenty minutes every day to forestall them from changing into bored. At all times use endurance and prepare utilizing constructive reinforcement strategies for one of the best outcomes.

Grooming ✂️

Savannahs have a brief, comfortable coat that requires minimal grooming. They’ll sustain with common self-grooming and a weekly brushing to take away any unfastened fur will usually suffice. For the reason that breed loves consideration, they might wish to be brushed extra usually than crucial.

Their claws must be trimmed as wanted. Be sure to get them used to those nail trims from a younger age to keep away from any points as they become old. Examine their ears commonly for filth, particles, or any indicators of an infection.

Picture Credit score: Kolomenskaya Kseniya, Shutterstock

Well being and Situations

Whereas most breeds usually include sure genetic well being circumstances they’re predisposed to, the Savannah is a really hardy and wholesome cat. It’s endorsed they be screened for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

The Savannah’s longevity usually ranges anyplace from 14 to twenty years. Diet and correct train are important for his or her total well being and wellness. It’s additionally crucial to maintain up with common well being examinations from a licensed veterinarian.


Homeowners might find yourself operating into authorized points surrounding the possession of those beautiful hybrid cats. As a result of they’re so intently associated to the unique Serval, they might fall beneath unique animal legal guidelines which might be in place in sure areas.

Earlier than committing to a Savannah cat, you need to test your state and native legal guidelines to find out whether or not you’ll be able to legally personal the breed. Whereas they’re authorized to personal in a variety of locations, sure cities or states might require particular permits or might even ban possession totally.

Picture Credit score: Patrick Hatt, Shutterstock

Little-Recognized Details About Savannah Cats

1. Savannah Cats Love Water

Another excuse why this breed has a popularity for being extra like canines than cats is their love for the water. Savannah cats usually love swimming and taking part in within the water. They’ll usually attempt to be part of their house owners within the bathe or the tub, too. Your common home cat might keep away from the swimming pool in any respect prices, however anticipate your Savannah cat to leap proper in.

2. They Have been First Developed within the Eighties

The very first Savannah kitten was born in 1986 after breeder Judee Frank bred a feminine Siamese cat with a male African Serval owned by Suzi Woods. The kitten was a feminine that was named Savannah, which is the place the breed received its title.

3. They Are Solely Acknowledged by TICA

Breeding of the Savannah cat took off through the Nineties quickly after the primary profitable pairing. In 1996, cat breeders Patrick Kelley and Joyce Sroufe wrote and offered the Savannah cat’s breed normal to the TICA board. In 2001, the board accepted the breed for registration, and so they acquired championship standing in 2012.

The Worldwide Cat Affiliation is the one cat registry that presently acknowledges the breed. That is largely as a result of controversies of breeding non-domestic cats. To be registered by TICA, a Savannah cat should be a minimum of 4 generations faraway from the Serval. They don’t seem to be registered by filial technology, nevertheless, however by SBT standing.

Picture Credit score: Pierre Aden, Shutterstock

Ultimate Ideas

The Savannah cat could make a superb pet for households that may guarantee their bodily and social wants are met. In contrast to your common housecat, this breed is very energetic and social. Their popularity for behaving extra like canines is well-earned. They’re extremely clever and trainable, and type very sturdy bonds with their human companions.

Featured Picture Credit score: kuban_girl, Shutterstock

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