Rabbit Poop During Recovery from GI Stasis or Illness

When a rabbit experiences GI stasis, they are going to often cease pooping fully, or their poops will probably be few and much between. It’s very harmful for rabbits, since their well being is closely tied to the motion of their digestive system (In case your rabbit ever stops pooping and consuming, carry them to a the vet instantly)

As your rabbit’s digestion begins again up after a bout of stasis, it can take a little bit of time earlier than their poop returns to regular. Count on to see small, deformed, and barely squishy droppings at first. You could even see a little bit of a gross, mucus layer across the poops.

Whenever you expertise these kinds of droppings at another time, it will most likely be purpose to make an appointment along with your vet. However when your rabbit is recovering from sickness, any poop in any respect is an efficient signal. Over the following few days (or doubtlessly few weeks if it’s a severe sickness), your rabbit’s poop ought to return to regular.

What ought to rabbit poop appear like when they’re recovering from stasis (or any sickness, actually)

Whereas your rabbit is recovering from gastrointestinal (GI) stasis, you’ll need to monitor their poop carefully and regularly test to see if there are any. Any poop is nice poop at this stage, since that signifies that your rabbit’s digestive system is getting again to regular.

Initially, their droppings will most likely seem small and deformed. Though this could usually be trigger for concern, after an sickness that is widespread as a result of there was such little motion of the rabbit’s intestine.. 

You may additionally discover the poops are few and much between at first. Preserve monitoring your rabbit over the following few days. They need to regularly improve the quantity that they’re pooping and the looks of their dropping ought to return to regular. 

Count on the poop to be darker than regular too. It’s one other indication your rabbit’s system is passing materials that may have been stationary throughout stasis. Over time, the colour ought to return to the same old gentle brown.

Notice: Sometimes, you may see some type of mucus coating when your rabbit first begins pooping once more, and it is perhaps softer than normal. Whereas not essentially widespread, that is additionally not a trigger for alarm. It’s simply a part of the restoration course of and this, too, ought to return to regular inside just a few days as your rabbit recovers.

Cecotropes throughout rabbit restoration

Throughout restoration, you might even see extra uneaten cecotropes round their habitat as nicely. These are particular droppings that rabbits often devour straight from their butt to re-ingest vital vitamins (extra details about cecotropes). 

In the event that they’re leaving extra uneaten, it is actually because their urge for food hasn’t absolutely returned. In addition they is perhaps producing extra because of the excessive consumption of crucial care through the restoration interval. Cecotrope manufacturing ought to return to regular as your rabbit recovers and positive aspects again their regular urge for food.

How quickly ought to the rabbit poop return to regular?

After your rabbit has skilled GI stasis or a big sickness, it’s vital to carefully monitor their restoration. The timeline for his or her poop to return to regular can range relying on how severe your rabbit’s sickness is and the way shortly they begin consuming once more. 

Listed here are some pointers that can assist you know what to anticipate, however understand that your particular circumstances could differ. If you’re ever involved, please contact your veterinarian for recommendation.

  • Most rabbits will start to eat and go stool inside about 24 to 48 hours after receiving therapy. Their droppings will initially be small, darkish, and deformed.
  • Observe your vet’s directions and proceed giving your rabbit treatment and significant care even whenever you’re beginning to see some enhancements. This can assist them proceed to get better and never slip again into stasis.
  • Over the following few days to weeks, it is best to see a gentle improve within the amount and a normalization within the high quality of the droppings.
  • Count on to see extra cecotropes at first. Your rabbit ought to start to eat these on their very own inside a few days. You can too accumulate people who you discover and supply them to your rabbit to encourage them to eat their cecotropes.
  • Monitoring is vital; maintain a really shut eye in your rabbit’s poop. Irregularities or an absence of enchancment can point out the necessity for additional veterinary consideration.

For those who discover that your rabbit isn’t enhancing or their situation worsens, it’s essential to hunt observe up veterinary care. 

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