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Blizzard, N. Dakota

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Wintertime at all times brings a spike in posts and calls regarding sick parrots. I usually faucet avian veterinarian associates for help, and most additionally report seeing extra unwell birds at the moment of yr. Respiratory illnesses appear to dominate, and many homeowners attribute this to drafts and low temperatures (as we’ll see, this isn’t truly the case). Whereas otherwise-healthy individuals are inclined to shrug off “winter colds” as an annoyance, the risks that respiratory sicknesses pose to parrots, finches, doves and different pet birds are extraordinarily extreme. Left untreated, these infections will at all times worsen over time – often fairly shortly – and can usually show deadly. Additionally, as it’s unattainable to differentiate, by way of signs, frequent respiratory considerations from psittacosis and different ailments which may be transmittable to people, a immediate name to your veterinarian is at all times so as.


Are Drafts and Chilly Temperatures a Concern?

Drafts and speedy modifications in temperature don’t particularly trigger birds to endure respiratory misery. Nonetheless, they’ll stress the immune system. The identical could also be stated of birds which can be stored, long-term, at lower-than-optimal temperatures. Tolerance for such situations varies by species.


Blue & Gold Macaws

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If the immune system is over-worked or in any other case compromised, micro organism, parasites and fungi, that are ever-present within the surroundings, can take maintain and sicken your pet. Minor underlying well being issues, which can have been suppressed by the immune system when all was nicely, can also grow to be extreme. So, whereas drafts and such could not truly trigger sickness, they do “set your pet up” to grow to be sick. Please see the article linked under for additional data on heating your chook’s cage or chook room.


Acclimation to colder-than-recommended temperatures is commonly doable, at the very least with some species, however this should be carried out correctly; please publish under for additional data.



Most chook house owners shortly know when all just isn’t nicely with their pet. Whereas respiratory illnesses could be brought on by all kinds of pathogens, the signs are related. Puffed feathers, wheezing, nasal discharge, sneezing, coughing, urge for food loss and/or basic lethargy are the most typical warning indicators. Tumors, smoky environments, and even allergy symptoms and less-common issues can also be concerned.


Heron with Chlamydiosis

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What to Do?

Your first step must be to talk with an skilled avian veterinarian. A specialist is preferable, because the causative brokers of respiratory ailments could be tough to determine, and a few sicknesses are extra generally seen in sure chook species or households than others (please see picture of heron bothered with chlamydiosis). Please publish under for those who want help in finding a neighborhood avian veterinarian.


Don’t take any steps to deal with your chook earlier than talking together with your vet (apart from eliminating drafts, and many others.). You could be instructed to wash your chook’s nares (nostrils) or increase the temperature a bit, however accomplish that solely after session. Frequent avian micro organism may cause critical issues if, for instance, they grow to be established in a single’s eyes, and the danger of a zoonotic illness (one that may be transmitted to individuals) should be thought of. Your vet can advise you as to acceptable precautions if any sort of house remedy is really helpful. In fact, an appointment with the veterinarian also needs to be scheduled.




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