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Somewhat than errors canine homeowners make, perhaps I ought to name this … the dumbest Mistakes Dog Owners Make. Granted, most of them occurred after I was a lot youthful and fewer skilled with being liable for 100% of my canines’ care. Get able to snicker (or be horrified).

My Canine Proprietor Mistake #1: Two canines, One Crate

We lived with simply 1 canine initially – a Dalmatian named Penelope Grace. That lasted a couple of yr, and Mr. Champion of My Coronary heart needed to undertake one other canine. I cried about it as a result of I feared Penelope would not want me as a lot. That is after we adopted Cody, a yellow lab combine. I did not know sufficient about canine conduct to grasp their interactions, which at instances appeared contentious to me. Wanting again, I do know that it actually wasn’t. However, what did I do? I stuffed them right into a single crate and mentioned, “Get alongside!!”

dog owner mistakes

For brief automotive rides, I do generally put Clover and Tori in the identical crate, however they adore one another and do not thoughts squishing collectively for a bit.

Why is that dumb? It is a TERRIBLE thought for canines that do not actually know or belief one another but. It very simply may have became a bloody struggle. Fortunately, it didn’t as a result of they each had strong temperaments. Until it is an absolute emergency (like a catastrophe evacuation), NEVER put 2 unfamiliar canines into 1 crate.

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Errors Canine Homeowners Make #2: Feeding the Incorrect Fruits and Greens

Early on, I genuinely didn’t know that grapes and raisins might be poisonous for canines. I additionally didn’t know what a horrible thought it’s to let canines eat corn cobs. If in case you have a canine who nibbles hilariously at corn, you may perceive how laborious it’s not to allow them to have some corn on the cob. Our first canine, Penelope, that I discussed above in any respect 3 issues fairly usually. She did ultimately develop power kidney illness, however she and Cody additionally obtained poisoned in our outdated neighborhood, so it is laborious to know what actually pushed her over the sting.

Why is that dumb? So, grapes and raisins might be poisonous to canines. What’s fascinating is that the kidney injury would not occur to all canines, however it’s not definitely worth the threat. As for the corn cobs, it is a dumb thought as a result of they’ll trigger:

  • Lethal intestinal obstructions
  • Harmful GI abrasion and misery

My Worse Mistake as a Canine Proprietor: Tennis Ball Felt

When our most up-to-date foster pup TONKA crushed and peeled a part of a tennis ball, it jogged my memory of a harrowing expertise we additionally had with Penelope again after I was younger and silly.

mistakes dog owners make - photo of dog chewing on tennis ball

Penelope as soon as popped and peeled a tennis ball with all of the felt in a single large piece. Then she ate the entire thing. She threw it up quickly after, however I wasn’t quick sufficient, and she or he ate it once more. Inexperienced (and dumb me) … I took a wait-and-see perspective. Gah!

Why is that dumb? So many causes. Merely put, it completely may have killed her. Alas:

  • I did not know that the veterinarian may induce vomiting earlier than the tennis ball felt did any injury. 
  • I did not perceive the chance of a lethal digestive blockage.

Fortunately, the lengthy total tennis ball felt got here out the opposite finish with out something worse taking place. Sure, it obtained caught popping out, and I grabbed a handful of paper towels, grabbed the felt, and yanked it out. (Additionally, very, very silly.) So, it turned out okay, however don’t threat it. In case your canine ever eats one thing it should not, instantly get emergency veterinary assist to induce vomiting (if that is the secure factor to do … with some varieties of dangers vomiting really makes issues worse).  

mistakes dog owners make second graphic -- know better do better

We May Add Habits / Coaching Issues Too?

I may definitely add issues to my record of errors canine homeowners make like utilizing “choke chain collars” for coaching or following a “balanced coach’s” recommendation on doing one thing referred to as the “Yellowstone Down” that I now notice is whole BS and primarily based on debunked / retracted interpretations of wolf conduct in Yellowstone. Oy! Fortunately, our late Lilly — the unique canine heroine of the location — forgave me on that second one.

What Would You Add to a Checklist of Errors Canine Homeowners Make?

Your flip. Really feel courageous sufficient to share the errors you’ve got made as a canine proprietor? Share within the feedback.

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