55 Awesome Dog Names That Start with H (+ Meanings)

Naming your new canine companion is a novel and thrilling process that holds immense significance. It marks the start of an unforgettable journey, stuffed with unconditional love, pleasure, and journey. In case you’re inclined in the direction of the letter “H”, you’re contemplating a spread of names that embody happiness, honesty, and heroism. “H” is a superb alternative, exuding an aura of concord and hope. On this article, we’ll discover 55 fabulous canine names beginning with “H”, every accompanied by its that means, to assist you in your quest to search out the proper identify for your loved one pet.

55 Inventive Canine Names with Begin with the Letter “H” (+ their that means)

  1. Harley: English, means “hare’s meadow.”
  2. Hazel: English, a tree or the colour mild brown.
  3. Hercules: Latin, a divine hero in Greek mythology identified for his power.
  4. Hugo: German, means “thoughts, mind.”
  5. Honey: English, a candy substance made by bees.
  6. Hunter: English, means “one who hunts.”
  7. Heidi: German, means “the Aristocracy.”
  8. Hero: Greek, an individual who’s admired for braveness, excellent achievements, or noble qualities.
  9. Concord: Latin, means “a constant, orderly, or pleasing association of elements.”
  10. Hubble: English, named after the well-known area telescope.
  11. Havana: Spanish, named after the capital metropolis of Cuba.
  12. Hopper: English, means “one who hops.”
  13. Hydra: Greek, a water or sea serpent in Greek and Roman mythology.
  14. Hagrid: Norse, a personality within the “Harry Potter” sequence.
  15. Houdini: Hungarian, named after the well-known illusionist and escape artist.
  16. Hershey: English, named after the well-known chocolate firm.
  17. Hobbit: English, a personality race in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.”
  18. Hudson: English, means “son of Hud.”
  19. Homer: Greek, historical Greek poet, creator of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey.”
  20. Completely happy: English, means “feeling or exhibiting pleasure or contentment.”
  21. Hermione: Greek, a personality within the “Harry Potter” sequence.
  22. Halo: Greek, means “ring of sunshine across the solar or moon.”
  23. Hibiscus: Latin, a genus of flowering crops.
  24. Hawk: English, a hen of prey.
  25. Hyacinth: Greek, a sort of flowering plant.
  26. Huckleberry: American English, a sort of small edible berry.
  27. Hawaii: Polynesian, U.S. state within the Pacific Ocean.
  28. Harvest: English, the method or interval of gathering crops.
  29. Hermes: Greek, the traditional Greek god of commerce, wealth, luck, fertility, animal husbandry, sleep, language, thieves, and journey.
  30. Horizon: French, means “the road at which the earth’s floor and the sky seem to satisfy.”
  31. Hamlet: German, a personality in one in all Shakespeare’s performs.
  32. Humphrey: German, means “peaceable warrior.”
  33. Hobbs: English, means “son of Robert.”
  34. Hutch: Medieval English, means “storage chest.”
  35. Heath: English, a tract of open uncultivated land.
  36. Harvest: English, the method or interval of gathering in crops.
  37. Hydro: Greek, pertains to water.
  38. Hypnos: Greek, the personification of sleep in Greek mythology.
  39. Hermes: Greek, the emissary and messenger of the gods in Greek mythology.
  40. Holland: Dutch, named after the area within the western a part of the Netherlands.
  41. Heaven: Outdated English, a spot regarded in numerous religions because the abode of God or the gods and the angels.
  42. Fireplace: Outdated English, the ground of a hearth.
  43. Horatio: Latin, means “timekeeper.”
  44. Harpoon: Dutch, a protracted spear-like instrument utilized in fishing.
  45. Hopper: English, means “one who hops.”
  46. Hindi: Sanskrit, refers to a language spoken in India.
  47. Henna: Arabic, a reddish-brown dye comprised of the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub.
  48. Hercules: Latin, means “glory of Hera.”
  49. Horizon: Latin, the road the place the sky appears to satisfy the earth.
  50. Hummingbird: English, a small nectar-feeding hen.
  51. Himalaya: Sanskrit, a mountain vary in Asia.
  52. Habanero: Spanish, a sort of scorching chili pepper.
  53. Hedgehog: English, a small spiny mammal.
  54. Harlequin: French, a mute character in conventional pantomime.
  55. Hydra: Greek, a legendary water serpent with many heads.

Selecting your furry pal’s identify is without doubt one of the most private and loving choices you make as a pet mum or dad. It’s greater than only a easy tag; it’s a illustration of your canine’s distinctive persona and a testomony to the bond you share. With names beginning with “H”, you’ve an array of cheerful, charming, and heartfelt decisions. We hope this numerous number of “H” names evokes you to discover a becoming moniker that echoes the spirit and character of your cherished pet.

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