What oral problems can Hamster Enamel get?

Hamsters make supreme household pets as they’re simple to take care of, have comparatively few well being issues and are undeniably cute! Nevertheless, it’s vital you understand how to correctly care in your hamster’s enamel, so that they don’t develop dental issues.

Hamsters can get quite a lot of oral well being points, together with extra plaque and tartar buildup, periodontal illness, gingivitis and tooth abscesses. As hamsters’ enamel constantly develop, so is vital that they’re given chew toys to gnaw on and have a weight-reduction plan that’s balanced in minerals and nutritional vitamins.

This text explores the way to examine your hamster’s enamel usually for overgrown enamel and incisors, damaged enamel, and cheek pouch points and when to take your hamster to the vet.

How do you well being examine a hamster’s mouth?

Hamsters are a part of the rodent household, and it’s completely regular for these small animals to be always chewing and gnawing as a result of their entrance enamel constantly develop. All these enamel are often known as hyposondontal.

What number of enamel do hamsters have?

A hamster is born with sixteen enamel. They’ve two higher incisor enamel and two decrease incisor enamel, which have open roots and develop on a regular basis, and twelve molar enamel, which have closed roots.

However don’t anticipate your hammie to have pearly whites! Hamsters have yellow enamel, which signifies good oral well being, whereas, for us, it might imply a visit to the dentist!

Hamster enamel are very totally different from human enamel and the enamel of canine and cats. The yellow/orange enamel makes the tooth further onerous for gnawing functions.

Hamster house owners should examine their pet’s enamel at the least as soon as per week for any dental issues as their enamel develop constantly.

To examine your hamster’s mouth, maintain it gently with one hand to maintain them safe. Your different hand gently pulls again the pores and skin round your hamster’s neck to show its enamel, making them seem like they’re smiling at you!

Their entrance enamel, the highest and decrease incisors, must be even and meet one another and don’t have any blood or pus.

If the hamster’s enamel are lengthy, you’ll discover them curve and stick out between their lips.

A hamster with overgrown incisors will be unable to eat appropriately, and it’s possible you’ll discover some weight reduction in your pet.

Search for swollen and crimson gums round an contaminated tooth and probably whitish spots.

You must also examine for damaged enamel, as this could trigger lacerations within the roof of the mouth and examine your hamster’s head for any abscesses and foul-smelling breath.

Lastly, hamster cheek pouches could be the cutest factor, however hamsters really use them to retailer and transport meals. Nevertheless, be careful for uncommon face swellings, as this might imply your pet has impacted cheek pouches.

What are the most typical oral issues hamsters get?

Your hamster can encounter a number of dental issues, which can require a visit to your veterinary surgical procedure.

Right here we have a look at among the most important points frequent with hamster enamel.

Overgrown enamel

The most typical drawback you’ll find in your hamster’s mouth is overgrown enamel, which can lead to a number of different well being points.

The entrance enamel, the incisors, are the simplest to determine as you will notice them exterior your hamster’s lips. They will even develop into the gums, tongue, and roof of the mouth, which the decrease incisors can pierce, and a gap develops between the mouth and nasal cavity. If this does occur, you’ll discover your hamster sneezing and having nasal discharge.

What’s extra, overgrown hamster enamel grow to be extraordinarily soiled, and you’ll discover a foul odor.

At the back of their mouth, your hamster’s molars, also called cheek enamel, are much less prone to grow to be overgrown.

Nevertheless, pet hamsters with cheek enamel points can have problem consuming and have swollen decrease jaws.

In case your hamster has lengthy enamel, you have to have them trimmed. This process is not any simple activity, and it’s best to take your pet hamster to the vet to clip the overgrown incisors, who can even prescribe antibiotics or painkillers for the contaminated enamel.

Overgrown molars are tougher to trim, and your pet would possibly want sedation or anaesthesia.


Hamsters with contaminated enamel or cheek pouches impacted with giant items of meals can develop an abscess, a painful oral an infection introduced on by the build-up of micro organism within the mouth.

Your pet will present apparent ache and discomfort, and it’s possible you’ll discover uncommon facial swellings. You will need to take them to your veterinarian for pressing dental therapy. Failure to behave early can result in the hamster creating extreme issues or sickness and even loss of life.

Your vet will drain the abscess and, in some circumstances, could should surgically extract any contaminated enamel, inserting your hamster on oral antibiotics afterwards.

Damaged Tooth

A hamster with overgrown incisors can find yourself with damaged enamel as they have a tendency to knock in opposition to each other.

Hamsters typically break their enamel by biting on their cage bars or operating wheel or if they’ve weak enamel, normally attributable to dietary deficiencies.

A damaged tooth is painful and makes it tough in your hamster to eat, so a visit to the vet is important.

What behaviors point out they’ve an oral drawback?

You’ll be able to spot tooth issues in your hamster by observing a few of its behaviors.

Lack of Urge for food

A hamster with dental issues will discover consuming tough, so regulate your pet’s meals bowl.

Nevertheless, it’s possible you’ll not discover that your pet isn’t consuming as hamsters typically cover meals of their cages, so look out for this if you clear their cage.

Shedding Weight

In case your pet hamster isn’t consuming, it can begin dropping pounds, which is typically onerous to identify with its fur coat.

It’s important to weigh your pet usually so you recognize its weight when it’s wholesome, making figuring out weight reduction rather more manageable.

Place your hammie in a cup or a glass and weigh them on the kitchen scales.

Dangerous Breath

In case your pet hamster has contaminated enamel, you may assure they may have dangerous breath, which is able to odor rancid.

You’ll probably discover this foul odor if you decide your hamster up. The pus within the mouth causes the odor.

Chattering Tooth

A hamster with chattering enamel will typically chunk the cage bars and have a nasty mood, all indicators which point out dental points.


In case you discover your hamster drooling, it’s probably as a result of it can’t shut its mouth correctly resulting from its lengthy enamel. Drooling can generally be onerous to identify, although as they typically wipe the saliva with their entrance paws.


In the case of maintaining hamster enamel wholesome, prevention is best than treatment. Hamster enamel develop their total lives, so give your pet issues to chew on, like wood-based chew toys, which you could find at your native pet retailer or untreated wooden to maintain their enamel trimmed. For extra recommendation on the finest chew toys for hamsters, please check out our assessment information.

And don’t overlook to feed the right weight-reduction plan in your hamster, supplemented with small quantities of contemporary produce, and all the time go to your veterinarian as they’ve expertise with these small animals.

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