How to Tell Male and Female Guppies Apart? (Photos and Quiz)

Of all of the livebearer fish species, it’s the simplest to inform female and male guppies aside. You possibly can simply inform the male from the feminine guppies by simply their shade. Male guppies are extra colourful and vibrant with showy tails, whereas feminine guppies are drab and bigger in dimension. Under you can find 4 straightforward methods to inform female and male guppies aside.

4 Methods to Inform Male and Feminine Guppies Aside

1. Male Guppies are Extra Colourful than Feminine Guppies

The primary technique to inform female and male guppies aside is to take a look at the colour of your guppy. The male guppy is colourful, with vibrant patterns and colours on its physique and tail.

Colorful Male Guppy
Colourful Male Guppy

The feminine guppy, then again, is extra drab wanting. The our bodies of feminine guppies are often plain grey. The tails of feminine guppies have just a little shade on them, nevertheless it’s not showy and vibrant just like the tails of male guppies.

Female Guppies
Feminine Guppies- Drab Physique Shade

2. Male Guppies Have Lengthy Anal Fins (Gonopodiums)

One other technique to inform female and male guppies aside is to search for the gonopodium. Like different male freshwater livebearers, male guppies have a modified anal fin known as a gonopodium (anal fins are the fins on the backside of the fish). Whereas feminine guppies don’t have a gonopodium.

Male Guppy with Prominent Gonopodium
Male Guppy with Outstanding Gonopodium

Gonopodiums seem like lengthy, pointy anal fins. Have a look at your guppies, male guppies may have a protracted, pointy gonopodium. Whereas feminine guppies may have anal fins which are rounded.

Female Guppy
Feminine Guppy

3. Feminine Guppies are Greater and Fatter

One other technique to inform female and male guppies aside is to take a look at the scale of the guppies. Feminine guppies are fatter, rounder, and greater than male guppies.

Male and Female Guppies
Image of Male and Feminine Guppies

Take a more in-depth take a look at your guppies. The larger and fatter guppy might be the feminine. Confirm the intercourse of your feminine guppy, verify that she doesn’t have a gonopodium, and take a look at her physique shade (must be drab).

4. Feminine Guppy Have a Black Spot on her Stomach

Search for a black spot on the stomach to tell apart between female and male guppies. A feminine guppy may have a black spot on her stomach. This black spot is known as the gravid spot.

Female Guppy with Gravid Spot
Feminine Guppy with Gravid Spot

Look intently at your guppies. You will note a black, gravid spot on the stomach of your feminine guppies. Confirm that she is certainly a feminine guppy by additionally checking to see that her anal fin is spherical (no gonopodium) and that she isn’t colourful.

Alternatively, male guppies is not going to have any indicators of a black spot on their stomach. The stomach of male guppies will even look skinny. You possibly can simply confirm that your male guppies are actually male by their shade; they need to be colourful with lengthy and pointy anal fins (gonopodium).

In case your feminine guppy is pregnant, the black gravid spot on her stomach will look darker and extra pronounced. Some say they’re the infant’s eyes! 

Is the Black Spot on the Stomach (Gravid Spot) Solely Seen in Feminine Guppies That Are Pregnant?

Even when your feminine guppy isn’t pregnant, you possibly can nonetheless see the black spot on her stomach. The gravid spot might not be as darkish and outstanding on the non-pregnant feminine guppy, however you’ll nonetheless be capable of see it.

How one can Inform Younger Male and Feminine Guppies Aside?

When they’re younger, all guppies seem like feminine guppies. Younger guppies have gray our bodies with little coloring. As your guppy matures, you’ll begin to see the colours come out. Even earlier than they begin growing their colours, you possibly can nonetheless inform younger guppies aside by in search of the gonopodium.

Baby Female Guppy
Child Feminine Guppy

Look intently at your younger guppies. Search for the tell-tale indicators of gonopodiums on male juvenile guppies. They seem like pointy anal fins. It’s actually tough to see as a result of they swim quick and the gonopodium is sort of clear.

Hold checking in your younger guppy. Finally, the gonopodium will be seen along with your naked eyes and it is possible for you to to inform the younger feminine guppy aside from the younger male guppy.

From my private expertise, I’ve seen the gonopodiums of younger guppies when they’re 4 weeks previous. Earlier than that, it was actually tough to see. I most likely must have a magnifying glass to actually see the gonopodiums of the infant guppies!

Quiz: Can You Inform the Male and Feminine Guppies Aside?

After studying this text, I hope you discovered to inform the distinction between female and male guppies. Take the quiz under, discover out should you can distinguish between female and male guppies.

Quiz: Can you tell the male and female guppies apart?
Quiz: Are you able to inform the female and male guppies aside?
Answer Key: Can you tell the male and female guppies apart?
Reply Key: Are you able to inform the female and male guppies aside?

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