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Coconut Oil for Dogs: Benefits, Uses, and Risks

Coconut oil has been used for hundreds of years to deal with varied illnesses in people. It’s additionally used within the hair, on the pores and skin, and in cooking. Nonetheless, does that imply it’s okay to make use of coconut oil relating to your canine pal?

The reply isn’t so simple as it may appear. There are well being advantages to utilizing coconut oil to your pet, and there are dangers as effectively. It’s additionally important that you just use the correct dosage to your pet. We’ll talk about the advantages, makes use of, and dangers of coconut oil for canines within the information beneath.

The Advantages & Makes use of of Coconut Oil For Canine

1. Helps Forestall Bug Bites

Proof suggests coconut oil may help forestall fleas from hopping in your canine. Nonetheless, there’s solely been one examine carried out on this that we all know of. Although the outcomes look nice, it’s nonetheless higher to make use of different strategies to stop these pesky bugs from invading your canine’s physique and your own home.

It’s thought that the ingredient in coconut oil, generally known as lauric acid, will repel fleas and even ticks. Whereas it’s okay to make use of coconut oil, for that reason, be sure that to make use of one thing else as effectively, a minimum of till it’s confirmed that this methodology actually and really works.

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2. Helps Some Pores and skin Points

Coconut oil has lengthy been recognized to assist dry pores and skin in folks, however does it work for canines? Sure, it will probably clear up eczema, dermatitis, bug bites, and even dry pores and skin in canines. In case your canine is affected by any of those issues, rub the oil on the affected space a couple of times a day.

If doable, hold your canine from licking the coconut oil in order that the oil could have time to penetrate the pores and skin. In case your pet licks a few of the oil, it’s okay since it’s secure to be ingested.

3. Makes a Nice Toothpaste

As a pet father or mother, you could know that it’s worthwhile to brush your canine’s enamel regularly. Coconut oil makes an incredible toothpaste for canines. The truth is, it’s nice for killing the organisms that trigger the micro organism that result in tooth decay.

Whereas this can be a nice toothpaste, it’s nonetheless important to get your canine’s enamel professionally cleaned and use an enzymatic toothpaste to brush your canine’s enamel. The coconut oil is meant for use along with your common brushing routine to your pet, not rather than it, for the most effective outcomes.

Happy Dog with Nice Teeth
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4. Helps Heal Wounds and Cuts

Coconut oil also can assist to heal the injuries and cuts each canine will get after they’ve been out and about and stepping into all the things. You merely rub a little bit of the oil on the affected space to deal with a minor scrape or reduce.

One of the best factor about coconut oil is that, not like different therapies for wounds and cuts, it’s secure to your pet to lick it. These are vital advantages of utilizing coconut oil in your pet. Nonetheless, are there any dangers in utilizing this oil to deal with what ails your pet?

What Are the Dangers of Utilizing Coconut Oil for Canine?

Giving your canine an excessive amount of coconut oil can result in abdomen upset and diarrhea. Some preliminary research have additionally linked the extreme use of coconut oil to exacerbating the leaky intestine illness. It’s greatest to keep away from giving coconut oil to your canine with out first speaking to your vet, as with every modifications you make to your canine’s eating regimen or something you placed on its pores and skin.

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Different Doable Makes use of for Coconut Oil

Canine that undergo from seizures may profit from the addition of coconut oil’s medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) to their diets. One examine concluded that seizure frequency decreased when canines have been fed an MCT-rich ketogenic eating regimen.


Coconut oil has varied makes use of for people and canines alike. As you possibly can see, there are fairly just a few advantages which will assist your pet, and it has only a few doable dangers. Be sure you discuss to your vet earlier than utilizing coconut oil in your furry pal. It isn’t beneficial to make use of it long-term or with no veterinarian’s prescription.

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